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Miriandis is the continuation of a 2nd edition campaign, I was the player in the 2nd ed game and was DM for the 3.5 game. I had played a few other 3.5 games and really realized that the PC's even with standard rules are super hero quality individuals compared to the average Joe peasant. So I thought to myself if were super heroes we need to be fighting super villains. So without turning the game into a comic book I just increased the challenge rating of the game, this set up for characters is meant to make them more powerful then standard characters and as the DM I would send monsters and NPCs with above standard gear and increased stats. The increased challenge lead to an enjoyable game with higher level of problem solving and frankly a hell of a lot more memorable sessions.

To put it simply, increasing the options and power levels for players while increasing the challenge can by a lot of fun

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