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On Miriandis many deities vie for power, humans with ambision greater than their station deal and scrap together anything they can to have power over others. Miriandis is a cold place with little room for goodness, decency and order. However many of the islands and smaller land masses are independent and goodly. They are the seeds sown by order a justice that one day may save Miriandis. Vampires still wish to return to the surface, Lupins war with lycans, the Diopsid are being driven to the surface by the Drow below is a quick list of possible threats:

Other Games[edit]

Epic stories and continuous games is what drew me into playing DnD, however this can wear many a good player down. What my group has found is occasional themed games can be a great diversion these games can be as simple as a one shot adventure in Ravenloft to a new campaign setting with different rules sets (think use map settings from StarCraft, we all loved 3v3 BGH but sometimes we liked to play a tower defense game). Here are a few of the settings we've come up with.

Dragon Spawn of Tiamat[edit]

This setting uses the MMIV, MMV, and Dragon magic books so its not really doable without them. The players are all dragon spawn of Tiamat born on a small island just south of a larger one populated by Humans and Gnomes. The Humans and Gnomes war with one another constantly over the limited land and have not yet turned their attention to the island where the Spawn will start. The game basically will be the players (who are dragon spawn from MMIV) are to do tasks for their overlords, higher ranked dragon spawn, and be allowed to return to the spawning pits, which allows the dragon spawn to evolve into a new type of spawn (level up/player reward). The spawn will have access to all its previous generations, and may choose to return to the spawning pit and regenerate as a lesser spawn if the task is more suited for that type.

For the DM you need to plan out missions and when to reward the players with new spawn types, you might consider giving one player access to a type and another player access to a different type. For example two players both complete a mission together, one player is rewarded with a Redspawn Fireblecher for evolution, the other is offered a Whitespawn Iceskidder. It really depends on your players, if they work as a team this can be fun, if they dont, its probably best to give them all access to the same ones and let them pick which to be.

With this progression you could in theory let the players evolve into true dragons after doing some great deed for Tiamat (or backstabbing Tiamat in her 11th hour to join with Bahamut or Lyndis)

Crunch to come.

Vampire (non-standard)[edit]

This setting was a campaign where the character would drain life out of their victims, before we had access to the Libris Mortis, an excellent book containing information on undead metabolisms, we used a system where the character would drain the blood out of people they brought to 0 or less, or had helpless through paralyze or other effects, and would drain blood points into a pool that the character kept record of. Things could then be bought with blood points, such as levels, powers, reduction of penalties like LA and certain negative powers like weakness to running water. After we had the Libris Mortis we changed our system to include other attacks, which I won't go into detail, if you run any necromancy or undead go get the book, its quite good.

This system of vampiric play your character ceases to gain levels as normal, they no longer gain experience through combat however the will keep their current accumulated experience. When the character comes upon a helpless victim they may begin a grapple, the sleeping, paralyzed, stunned or otherwise physically incapacitated victim automatically fail their checks and may be drained, this can continue for as many rounds as the target remains incapacitated and has hit die remaining. Every round the target is drained and takes a negative level, for each level drained the vampire gains 20 blood points. If the target is aware and unhindered he gains a +20 on his grapple check to protect his neck, +10 on the wrist or thigh.

Abilities, level advancements, level adjustment reductions, and vampiric power enhancements and weakness reductions can all be bought with blood points, the cost of these abilities should be tweaked to allow advancement at whatever pace you like.

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