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On Miriandis many types of magical equipment and devices have been made, below you will find examples of new items unique to Miriandis. Most weapons, armor, shields and items like wands and rods from the Wizards published books and dragon magazine are all available on Miriandis. However items the use spells available to only druids are not commonly available and are generally considered artifacts in rarity. Items that are only usable by elves can still be used by Half elves, Mongrelmen and anyone with a high enough use magic device skill. Please see the Homebrew Notes section for more details.

*Note* this is incomplete information

Specific Weapons[edit]

  • Figby's mace
  • Malfu's staff
  • Burnsider relic weapon
  • Weird blade, does random temporary effect on crit

Specific Armor and Shields[edit]

  • Robe with fire whips
  • Small wood shield of flight

Wondrous Items[edit]

Intelligent Items[edit]

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