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The World[edit]

Iolis is the name for the World and the largest continent on the world. There are also smaller islands that have their own names out in the Landfalls. The main region of the world is called Landis, and is a flat disk where the edges drop off to the lower planes. The region of space beyond the edge is full of elemental energies and is called the Landfalls, and is comprised of smaller islands that have their own climates. The continents in Landfall have never been mapped out, and only the closest have been reached by the Wolfenfeniris airships.

Iolis floats in between the shadowgloom, the underworld and the faelands, suspended between life and death. The borders of the world are seas, and the waters fall off of the world at varying distances. The border regions of the world are the White and Sea of Souls in Zamonia, The Narrow Sea in Castil, the Sea of Flames in Zaithan, and the Dunelands in Resbur

After a long war against the Demon Lords, the New Gods succeeded in recreating the order of the world. The governments Alkiris and Westus have embraced the Old Gods, Kaldor and Wolfenfeniria worship the New Gods, and Alcelt has no official religion. Zamonia and Zaithan are at peace, and Resbur and Castil are in the midst of negotiating the ends of their wars. In this prosperity though, there are many people who have new opportunities to bend their country to their will...


Iolis was created after the cataclysm separated it from its previous plane of existence. Now stuck between the Faelands and the Shadowgloom, the world is trapped in a constant struggle for survival. Out of the shatters of its former world, four sub-continents have rinsen, Zamania, Zaithan, Resbur, and Castil. Within these sub-continents, 5 major governments have sprung up. Alcelt on Zaithan, Alkiris on Resbur, Westus on Castil and Kaldor and Wolfenfeniria both on Zamonia.

The five nations have always been at odds with each other. Numerous wars have broken out between Kaldor and Wolfenfeniria, Kaldor and Alcelt and Westus and Alkiris. The leaders of their nations seek better lives for their subjects, and are willing to accomplish that goal through any means necessary. Each nation is known for a major feature, such as the mineral deposits in Alcet, the farmland in Kaldor or the forests of Westus. Each of these nations will freely trade with others except during times of war, but leaders are always looking for a cheaper way to get the materials.

Many of the conflicts have arisen because of a conflict between the Demon Lords who have been lost to history, and the New Gods, those who are worshiped by the residents of Iolis. The battle is fought on Iolis by the Champions of the New Gods against the demon armies of the Demon Lords. The most recent war between them was the Zaithan Crisis, where the Hierophant of Zaithan were overturned by the rebel Freedom's Own rebel army and the Champion. Many of the details of this event have been lost to history with the names of the Demon Lords.

Iolis Planes[edit]

Iolis has a total of four plains including the plane Iolis. The plains are...

  • Shadowgloom is the name that the residents of Iolis have given to the splinter of the Shadowfell. It is an exact copy of the Shadowfell except that the exits only lead back to Iolis, and not to another plane.
  • Fealands ate the names that the residents of Iolis have given to the splinters of the Feywild. It is an exact replica of the Feywild except that all the exits only lead back to Iolis and not to another plane.
  • The Underworld is a plane that can only be reached by falling off one of Iolis' edges. This land is a mirror of the world above, except that it is populated by devils and demons. The only way to get back to Iolis is to kill one of the Archdevils, a Balor or conduct a ritual that allows plane shifting.

Character Backgrounds[edit]

Each character gains certain bonuses to their stats as well as other bonuses such as languages. The assumption is that the characters are from one of the 5 nation states of Iolis, or a Landfall island. The following sections are for determining character backgrounds.

Nation States of Iolis and the Landfalls[edit]

There are five major governments in Iolis. Each one is independent from the others, but they are in the process of negotiating a lasting peace. The countries are...

Subcontinent Country Races Races Handbooks
North Zamonia Wolfenfeniria Fenrirborn, Warforged, Wolfborn See Link, Eberron, See Link
South Zamonia Kaldor Elf, Half-Elf, Human PHB1, PHB1, PHB1
Zaithan Alcelt Golaith, Half-Orc, Human PHB2, PHB2, PHB1
Resbur Alkiris Dragonborn, Gnoll, Minotaur PHB1, MM, PHB3
Castil Westus Eldarin, Hamadrayad, Satyr PHB1, HotFW HotFW
  • Landfalls- Landfalls are islands that float in the space above the other planes. Every member from a Landfall island gains a +2 to two untrained skills, a +1 to a class skill and can choose an extra language that they can speak, but not read or write. Players form the Landfalls are not used to the customs of the Continent, and may have different customs. Landfalls have no set geography, so characters looking for very creative backgrounds can compose their own islands.

Races of Iolis[edit]

Iolis was once part of a larger world but was cut off a long time ago. There are many of the old races, but also there are some new races. Races tend to live in a certain nation, and is abbreviated after the race. If a player wishes to play a race that is not included, then they must take a background from the Landfall Islands. The list of playable races on the mainland of Iolis are with the nations.

Classes of Iolis[edit]

While Gods play a part in the lives of the residents of Iolis, they don't have much power to give to their followers. Instead, those who use divine powers have taken to taping into the life energies that run though the world to fuel their magic. With new runes to power their attacks, Divine classes and attack with any one of the elements instead of just radiance. The Arcane powers of the old world have been twisted into a new type of magic, cimpethe. Many of the old tomes on magic were lost, as well as their wells of power, so arcane magic now draws upon the surrounding elements. This means that if you have a match, you can use the match's flame to power a fire spell, but not an cold spell, and vice versa.

The main classes of Iolis are...

Name Common Countries Where Published
Artificer Wolfenfeniria Ebberon
Tinkerer " "
Battlesmith " "
Ardent Ka, Ac PHB3
Enlightened " "
Euphoric " "
Avenger Ka PHB2
Isolating " "
Pursuing " "
Barbarian Ak, We, Wolfenfeniria PHB2
Beserker " Heroes of the Feywild
Rageblood " "
Thaneborn " "
Thunderborn " Primal Power
Whirling " Primal Power
Bard Ac, We, Wolfenfeniria PHB2
Cunning " "
Skald " "
Valorous " "
Battlemind Ac PHB3
Resilient " "
Quick " "
Chaplin (Cleric) Ka PHB1
Warpreist " Heroes of the Fallen Lands
Storm Domain " HotFL
Sun Domain " HotFL
Death Domain " Heroes of Shadow
Battle " "
Devoted " "
Druid Ak, We, Wolfenfeniria PHB2
Guardian " "
Predator " "
Sentinel " Heroes of Forgotten Kingdoms
Protector " HofFW
Swarm " PrP
Summoner " PrP
Assassin Wolfenfeniria Heroes of Shadow
Executioner " "
Fighter Ak, Wolfenfeniria PHB1
Great Weapon " "
Guardian " "
Knight " HotFl
Slayer " HotFL
Battlerager " Martial Powers 1
Tempest " Martial Powers 1
Ghost Warrior Wolfenfeniria see link
Grim " "
Silent " "
Wrathful " "
Ancient " see link
Invoker Ka PHB2
Preserving " "
Wrathful " "
Monk KaAc PHB3
Centered Breath " "
Stone Fist " "
Paladin Ka, Wolfenfeniria PHB1
Avenging Kaldor "
Protecting Kaldor "
Cavalier Kaldor HotFK
Sacrifice Kaldor "
Valor Kaldor "
Blackgaurd Wolfenfeniria HotS
Domination " "
Fury " "
Psion Ka,AC PHB3
Telekinetic " "
Telepathic " "
Ranger Ak,We, Wolfenfeniria PHB1
Archer " "
Two-Blade " "
Beastmaster " MP1
Hunter " HotFK
Scout " HotFK
Rogue Ak PHB1
Brawny " "
Trickster " "
Aerialist " MP1
Cutthroat " MP1
Thief " HotFL
Runepriest Ka,Ac PHB3
Defiant " "
Wrathful " "
Seeker Ak, We, Wolfenfeniria PHB3
Protecting " "
Vengeful " "
Shaman Ak, We, Wolfenfeniria PHB2
Bear " "
Panther " "
Eagle " PrP
World Spirit " PrP
Sorcerer Ka Westus PHB2
Dragon " "
Wild " "
Swordmage Ac Forgotten Realms
Assault " "
Shielding " "
Warden Ak, We, Wolfenfeniria PHB2
Earth " "
Wild " "
Life " PrP
Storm " PrP
Warlock Ac, Wolfenfeniria PHB1
Deceptive " "
Scourge " "
Pacts(for top 2) " "
Fey " "
Infernal " "
Star " "
Binder " HotS
Gloom Pact " "
Star Pact " "
Hexblade " HotFK
Fey Pact " HotFK
Infernal Pact " HotFK
Gloom Pact " HotS
Warlord Ak, Wolfenfeniria PHB1
Inspiring " "
Tactical " "
Bravura " MP1
Resourceful " MP1
Wizard Ac, We,Wolfenfeniria PHB1
Control " "
War " "
Witch " HotFW
Full Moon Coven " "
Dark Moon Coven " "
Mage " HotFL
Illusion " "
Evocation " "
Enchantment " "
Necromancy " HotS
Nethermancy " HotS

Languages of Iolis[edit]

Name Script Common Speakers Common Locations
Canic* None Wolves, Fenirborn, Wolfborn (Any race with a wolfspeaker trait) Wolfenfeniria
Kaldorian Rellanic Humans, Half-Elves, Elves Kaldor
Lanic Davek Githzerai, Half-Orcs, Humans Alcet
Draven Iokharic Dragonborn, Goliath, Minotaur Alkiris
Isonic Rellanic Eldarin Westus
Yurmanyk Barazhad Fenrirborn, Wolfborn, Warforged Wolfenfeniria
Common Common All Playable Races -
Deep-Speech Rellanic Mind Flyers, Githyanki, Kuo-toas -
Draconic Iokharic Dragons, Dragonborn, Kobalds -
Dwarven Davek Dwarves, Azer -
Elvish Rellanic Elves, Eldarin, Fomorians -
Giant Davek Giants, Orcs, Ogres -
Goblin Common Gobins, Hobgoblins, Bugbears -
Supernal* Supernal Angels, Devils, Gods -
Primordial* Barazhad Efreets, Archons, Elementals -
Abyssal* Barazhad Demons, Gnolls, Sahuagin -
  • *These languages cannot be learned until level 11. Canic cannot be learned except by the race feat wolfspeaker

Religions of Iolis[edit]

Because Iolis was separated from the old world, many of the gods have new names. In Iolis the gods and pantheons are...
New Gods
Kaldorian New Saints The new saints are the soldiers who fought against the rise of the Demon Lords before the Cataclysm.

Name Alignment Bonus (Only if from Kaldor)
Sal (Pelor) Lawful Good Bonuses based on Saints
St. Dresden the Wise Lawful Good +1 to all Arcana Checks
St. Murphy the Defender Lawful Good +1 to all Heal Checks
St. Huygens the Reaper Lawful Good +1 to all Stealth Checks

Wild New Gods The wild new gods are Primal Spirits that are the most important in the Wolfen belief system. Fenrir and the Erlking are responsible for the Fenrirborn and Wolfborn abilities and connections with wolves. The Lady of Sorrows is the goddess of shadows and the guardian of the dead. She seeks to maintain balance in the world, and often is working against the other two gods.

Name Alignment
Fenrir Good
Erlking Unaligned
Our Lady of Sorrows Unaligned

Old Gods

Name Allignment Bonus (Only if from Kaldor)
Avandra Good +1 to all Diplomacy Checks
Bahamut Lawful Good +1 to all Endurance Checks
Moradin Lawful Good +1 to all Dungeoneering Checks
Pelor Good +1 to all Heal Checks


Name Allignment Bonus (Only if from Kaldor)
Corellon Unaligned +1 to all Insight Checks
Ioun Unaligned +1 to all Arcana Checks
Erathis Unaligned +1 to all Streetwise Checks
Kord Unaligned +1 to all Athletics Checks
Melora Unaligned +1 to all Nature Checks
Raven Queen Unaligned +1 to all Stealth Checks
Sheanine Unaligned +1 to all Bluff Checks

Evil Gods These Gods offer no benefit to Kaldorians

Name Allignment
Asmodeus Evil
Bane Evil
Gruumsh Chaotic Evil
Lolth Chaotic Evil
Tiamat Evil
Torog Evil
Vecna Evil
Zehir Evil
Cthulhu Evil

The Names in Parenthesis are the original god's name in the DM's Guide and Player's Handbook. Cthulhu is the god of chaos and madness.


Players can buy and find basic equipment in the following lists in all of Iolis. If a character wants equipment that is not in this list, they can find certain people who will be willing to craft said equipment in major cities.

  • The list of Melee Weapons for Iolis is Here
  • The list of Ranged Weapons for Iolis is Here
  • The list of Armors for Iolis is Here
  • The list of Adventuring Gear for Iolis is Here
  • The list of Magical Focuses is found Here

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