Grum's Flavorable Flesh (5e Spell)

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Grum's Flavorable Flesh
2nd-level Transmutation (ritual)
Casting time: 1 action or 1 reaction
Range: Self (15-foot radius)
Components: Somatic, Component
Duration: Instantaneous

When cast, the caster chooses a specific taste and a specific smell that are known to the caster. All non-living meat or corpses in a 15 foot radius centered on the caster tastes and smells exactly how the caster wants it to, regardless of the condition the meat is in.

This spell can affect any corpses within the area of effect whether they are Undead or not as long as there is any flesh left on the corpse. Which in turn will hide the smell of death on the corpses, if chosen.

Any rotten and rancid meat can be improved by this spell and good meats may be made to taste and smell worse or to taste and/or smell differently than what is natural.

The spell does not change the nutrition content of the meat, it only changes the taste and smell to make it palatable or unpalatable, and masks the scent, whichever the caster chooses when the spell is cast.

This is a permanent change, it is not an illusion.

Olfactory Dysfunction

If the caster has currently lost their taste and/or smell senses due to viruses or any other causes, when cast the meat will permanently have no taste or smell depending on which senses are lost.

If the caster currently has a specific taste or odor in their senses at the time of the casting, the meat will instead taste and/or smell exactly like it.

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