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Forbidden Spells[edit]

Campaigns making use of the "dying is serious" and the UA:Sanity variants may find this variant incredibly helpful. This variant adds a new spell descriptor, Forbidden, to some spells. It is used to represent the powerful magic in the spell having an adverse affect on your psyche. Each time you cast a Forbidden spell, you take permanent damage to your sanity equal to the spell's level.

  • Instead of removing spells that bring the dead back to life with the "Dying is Serious" variant, simply make all spells that can bring the dead to life, excluding Devil's Pact and Call of the Reaper, a Forbidden Spell.
  • Spells that call upon dark powers to enter through your body, cause miraculous affects, or just down right corrupt you are also forbidden spells. This adds a little bit of leeway for the DM to choose what spells are forbidden.
  • Orisons with the Forbidden descriptor do not drain extra sanity when cast, but are still considered Forbidden.

Forbidden Spell List[edit]

Just a short list of old spells that gain the forbidden descriptor with this variant and a list of new spells that are forbidden.

  • Raise Dead
  • Resurrection
  • True Resurrection
  • Miracle
  • Shape Change
  • Foresight
  • Limited Wish
  • Wish
  • Plane Shift
  • Atonement
New Spells

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