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About Deletion[edit]

What? o.O The variant is finished, besides the list, which is going to take time to complete. The variant is meant to be used along with the "UA: Sanity" variant, so not much work has to actually be done. This is a drastic change however, as the Sanity variant is based off the Call of Cthulhu game, so I can't edit that variant in good faith, as it would kind of ruin it for die hard fans of Call of Cthulhu lol. Most of the work for the variant is done in the Sanity variant, so very little editing is needed, and essentially it is going to mostly be a list of Forbidden spells, once it's done anyway.


This (What exactly is sanity, and how much of it does a spellcaster have? Or does it have effects with how much of it is used?) Is ALL explained here lol -> UA:Sanity . Seriously. I'm building on a Variant that already exists, which I can't edit because it's a VERY popular theme from Call of Cthulhu. I'll make sure there is an actual link to the sanity variant in the page.

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