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Elementrics is a form of magic that focuses on the manipulation of the elements: fire, earth, air and water. This can be accomplished through martial arts, dance or other movement - based activities. The motions and gestures of the elementrician mirrors and causes the actions of the affected element, which can be manipulated to attack, transport and in some cases heal or perform other, more advanced techniques. For the purposes of certain spells, all elementric effects qualify as Transmutation magic. The basic class that uses elementrics is the Elementrician.

Each elementrician selects an Element, which cannot be replaced.

Elementrician's attacks that allow a saving throw will have a DC of 10 + elementrician level + Con modifier (Undeads use Cha modifier instead of Con modifier for DC).

  • Range: The elementrician can center his power anywhere within 10' of himself per level.
  • Area of Effect: The elementrician can effect a 5' square, allowing him to attack one person.
  • Endurance: Elementricians have Endurance score, which is exactly equal to their Constitution (not the modifier, the actual Ability Score). The elementrician may use his elementric powers for as many rounds as he has Endurance points. He must rest the same number of rounds to recover, and it is not possible to partially recover (i.e. if he has 17 Endurance and uses it all, he must rest for 17 rounds before he regains any Endurance; if he has only used 6 Endurance, he must rest for 6 rounds before gaining it back, though he may stop his rest and use his remaining eleven Endurance).
  • Damage: A monk's elementric damage is based on his Element (see above). He gets a +1 to damage every level.
  • Manipulation: In order to coordinate moving his element in different directions or in a finely−tuned manner, the Elementrician must make a Performance (Martial Arts/Dance/etc) check at a DC 15 or higher (DM's discretion). When attacking more than one person in combat, each additional target should add 2 to the difficulty of this check, and failure indicates all targets dodge successfully; elementricians must divide their damage dice among all targets before rolling to-hit.

He must then select his first Tradition, which gives him his damage dice, applicable Performance Check and special abilities called Katas. According to his class advancement chart, he earns a new Kata at every level, either in a Tradition he already has or take the first Kata in a new Tradition. He may never switch Elements, though he may take a new Elementrician class with a new Element, and advance in both simultaneously. All Kata effects are cumulative and take effect only when using elementrics.

Elementrics are not magical abilities. They act exactly like extraordinary abilities.

Basic Traditions[edit]

These sixteen traditions are open to anybody.

Earth Traditions[edit]

  • Flamenco is a powerful combat-based Tradition whose members can control earthquakes.
  • Silat is practiced by a stealthy clan of elementricians who have powerful endurance and the ability to turn soil into quicksand under their enemies.
  • Jujutsu is a very technical, arcane Tradition, reclusive scholars who have extended their abilities to control wax, gems, glass and metal.
  • Bando is a small Tradition, known for their ability to control even the smallest amount of earth in the form of dust, with which they can choke or blind their enemies.

Air Traditions[edit]

  • Capoeira is a Tradition that teaches practictioners to control the wind with such proficiency as to enable them to armor themselves and even create tornados.
  • Bachata is a sinister Tradition who have perfected the art of pulling air away from their victims, suffocating them.
  • Aikido is a system of air elementrics which allows its users to bring air underwater and can clear it to enable clear vision.
  • Judo is an arcane and mysterious Traditions whose masters can teleport through winds and manipulate the passage of sound through air.

Water Traditions[edit]

  • Tango is a violent and aggressive Tradition who have the ability to freeze water and force it out of the bodies of their victims.
  • Kung Fu is a stealthy clan of elementricians who can control the weather and teleport through bodies of water.
  • Bokator is a Tradition that has perfected the art of manipulating water inside the bodies of living things, including wood and blood.
  • Kathak is a Tradition that have adapted water elementrics to allow them to heal the injuries of others.

Fire Traditions[edit]

  • Haka is a strong and warlike Tradition whose abilities have been finely honed to allow them create and control lightning.
  • Karate is a powerful Tradition who can add or subtract heat, burning or freezing their enemies.
  • Savate is a mysterious and secretive sect who can teleport between flames.
  • T'ai Chi is a well-known class, renowned for their proficiency with manipulating light so as to create visual illusions.

Other Traditions[edit]

Other Traditions have requirements, which could include minimum levels or membership in organizations.

These Traditions are exclusive to the Church of Modroben, and are based around using elementrics in the pursuit of soulcleaving.

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