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A Medium hylian in front of a cryonis pillar.
Transmutation cantrip
Casting time: 1 action
Range: 30 Feet
Components: S
Duration: 10 minutes

Upon a relatively flat plane of liquid water at least five by five feet, you create a pillar of magic ice that has dimensions in feet of 5 x 5 x 10. The pillar always forms with its longest side perpendicular to the plane of water. This pillar can even be created on waterfalls or sloping rivers, and remains where it was summoned. The pillar floats in midair wherever it is formed, even if the water beneath it has moved or been removed.

If a creature or object of Medium size or smaller occupies the space where this pillar would form, the pillar gently raises or pushes the creature away from the body of water. It can choose to destroy the pillar as it forms by succeeding on a Strength save. If the pillar would squish the creature in any way that would cause damage, the creature automatically succeeds on this save.

One of these pillars is created with grooves that make it surprisingly easy to climb. The primary purpose of a pillar created by this spell, however, is to provide cover. One pillar can provide total cover for a Medium or smaller creature.

A pillar has 5 AC and 10 hit points. It has immunity to cold, poison, and psychic damage; and vulnerability to fire damage. Once it is reduced to 0 hit points, the pillar is completely destroyed and the spell ends. A pillar is also destroyed at the end of the spell's duration. If you attempt to create five pillars with cryonis, the oldest pillar is destroyed when the new one is created; you cannot create more than four simultaneously.

You create one additional pillar when you reach 5th level (2 pillars), 11th level (3 pillars), and 17th level (4 pillars). These additional pillars can be anywhere in range.

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