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Chemosh, Goddess of War[edit]

Mother of Orcs, The Blazing Mother, The Rage...

Lesser Deity
Symbol: Similar to that of Gruumsh?
Home Plane: The Wasteland
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Portfolio: Orcs, Fighters, Barbarians, War, Raids, Harvest
Clergy Alignments: LN, LE
Domains: War Domain, Strength Domain, Law Domain, Destruction Domain
Favored Weapon: Orc Double Axe
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More information...

Description: Chemosh is the holy mother of orcs. According to orc legend she defeated the previous god of war and took his place. This is, of course, the most direct proof of her divinity (according to the orcs) since she earned her divinity by glorious battle.

She has only been around for 12,000 years or so, but still has the most direct influence on the world compared to the other "new" gods. This influence comes from her "children", the orcs that raid and pillage in her name with such ferocity that some humans even worship Chemosh in hopes of success on the field of battle and the grim hope that the orcs will pass by their village on their many raids.


Chemosh is a harsh goddess that doesn't tolerate failure in any way, but her orc children have a special place in her heart and she will personally intervene when anything catastrophic is about to happen to her children.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

To continue her gradual conquest she has blessed the orcs with special knowledge of battle and holy texts that explain certain ancient fighting techniques. Only the wisest of clerics and the strongest, most honorable of warriors get a chance to practice these fighting styles but the ones that do find their ability to fight greatly increased.

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