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Design Note: This page was created using the Epic magic (10th+ level magic) Variant Rule.

Bind To Slavery
11th-level Enchantment
Casting time: 1 minute
Range: Self (100-foot cube)
Components: V, M (material goods worth 100+ gp pr target)
Duration: 1 year
Casters: 4+

The primary caster chooses a number of targets within range and then all the casters starts speaking of all the "favors" they will do for the targets while showing them the material goods used for the spell components. Each target must make two Wisdom saves against the primary casters spell save DC. For each additional secondary caste after the first four the targets must make an additional save. For each 50gp of material goods pr. target the targets must make an additional save. If a target fails a save it is charmed by the primary caster for the duration. While charmed in this way a creature blindly obeys the primary caster even if he/she demands a target to harm itself or its friend. The primary caster could make the targets all kill eachother if he/she wanted to.

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