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617 Pages
9th-level Conjuration
Casting time: 1 action
Range: 30 feet
Components: V, S
Duration: Concentration, up to 1 hour

You call upon the foundational magics that separate the planes, before tearing into the space between, calling out to a creature from the unknown beyond. During a turn, you can use your action to reduce your current hit points by up to 25 damage dice, using a die value equal to your hit die as a vital material component to attempt to bind a creature to your service. After casting 617 Pages, you cannot move or make another action, bonus action or reaction until the start of your next turn, as you must maintain concentration on the planar convergence that manifests in an unoccupied space you choose within 30 feet of you.

At the start of your next turn, if your concentration hasn't been broken, you conjure a creature of a CR equal to the number of damage dice rolled with the initial cast in the spot of the planar convergence. The spell fails and automatically ends if this damage is enough to reduce you to 0 hit points. If you know a specific creature's name, you can speak that name when you cast this spell to request that creature, though you might get a different creature anyway (DM's choice). This creature is loyal to you, and will fulfill commands you give it to the best of its abilities for as long as it is in play. The creature summoned isn't obliged to fulfill a task you give it, and you must be able to communicate with the creature in order to do so. If not, the creature will simply defend you and itself until given a new command.

After 1 hour, when you or the summoned creature are reduced to 0 hit points while it is summoned, or you otherwise loose concentration, the planar convergence manifests itself once more, consuming the creature you summoned, causing it to disappear, returning to the place or plane it originated from. A creature summoned to join your group counts as a member of it, receiving a full share of experience points awarded.

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