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Food, Drink and Lodging

Item Cost
Absinthe 1gp glass, 30gp bottle
Chocolate 10gp per oz.
Cider 1sp tankard
Cider, Golden Orchard 1gp tankard
Cookie of Fortune
Dragon Swirl 1-10 GP per mug
Fire Drink 9 sp per glass
Fruit Tart 3gp
Gin, North Isle 2gp glass, 20gp bottle
Grog 4cp mug, 4sp gallon
Haggis 5sp
Honey 1gp per bottle/jar
Kadbury Cream Egg 2Sp
Kefir 2cp cup, 5sp bottle
King Street Brandy 150gp bottle
Lavish meal > 5 gp Per meal ,
Mead 5cp tankard, 2gp gallon
Mead, Spiced 1sp tankard, 5gp gallon
Monastic Tea (5e Other) Varies
Noodles/Pasta 2cp
Pie 1sp-1gp per slice
Port, South Sea 3gp glass, 30gp bottle
Rum, Mermaid's Tears 2gp cup, 20gp bottle
Shakshaka 5 sp, Each
Street Meat 1cp per skewer
Tea 3cp-3gp per cup
Wedding Feast 20 gp
Whiskey, Dragonbreath 2gp per glass, 30gp per bottle


Service Cost
Bath 1sp (cold) 1gp (hot)
Book Rental 5 sp – 1 gp / year
Colossus varies
Dowry, Baron's Daughter 20,000 gp
Dowry, Esquire's Daughter 1000 gp
Dowry, Peasant 15 gp to 50 gp
Fencing Instruction 10 gp / month
Funeral Varies
Instruction by a Weapon Master 10 gp/day (minimum)
Laundry 2cp per set of clothes
Lawyer 5sp-10gp per day
Memorial (Stone Bust)
Netflix Membership 12gp per month
Portrait 20 gp or more
Prostitute (5e Other) 2 CP/Hr 4 CP/Hr 1 SP/Hr 4 SP/Hr 1 GP/Hr 4 GP/Hr 8 GP/Hr
Weapon Training 30gp/month
Wergeld, Peasant 100gp


Lifestyle Price/Day
Castle 500000
Grand House 5500 gp
Houses and Properties 1000 gp
Keep 150000
Mansion 100000 gp
Tower 50000 gp
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