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Cost: 5 sp, Each

A fruit shaped similarly to a Peach, with white skin and round shape. The inside of the fruit is red, and it's seeds are many and small throughout the fruit, however they are consumable, and very soft during the chewing. The fruit smell is very soft, and sweet, and inconspicuous if not ripe. The taste itself is very citric, however after a very brief momment the mellow and very sweet taste arrives, the fruit is very juicy, making it so, you feel like you are drinking a very refreshing juice at times.

You would know a Shakshaka is not ripe by its skin, if it is Red on the outside, the inside will be White, being very sour and bitter, almost uneatable. As it reaches harvesting time the fruit's inside will start becoming more red, and the outside more white. They seem to only bloom and mature in desert biomes, not even by potting the plant and reproducing the ambient temperature will keep it from dying outside the desert.

The fruit is somewhat expensive, but eating it once or twice for the week already makes the price well worth it. The sweet citric taste and the soft-to-the-bite feel make it extremely refreshing and a perfect snack to have while riding through the blazing sun.
—A desert caravan merchant

In the desert Shakshakas are notorious for their refreshing property, although it was the amazing taste that helped it become a commodity, this fruit remains the symbol of the desert will to thrive, needing almost no water, and having its roots sinking in nothing but sand, all this fruit needs is time.
—Royal librarian on commodity research
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