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Instruction by a Weapon Master[edit]

Cost: 10 gp/day (minimum)

This is training directly under a famous master of martial techniques (character level/CR 11 or higher). Locating and seeking instruction from a teacher who's so prestigious is often an adventure in and of itself, requiring a dangerous journey, passing one or more extremely difficult tests, or offering a special gift in addition to an exorbitant price. However, the rewards are well worth it.

A simple weapon proficiency takes one week to learn per weapon under a weapon master while a martial weapon proficiency takes one month to learn per weapon. Additionally, you can be further instructed on a weapon that you are already proficient with, learning how to become a master of a weapon yourself. Becoming a master of a simple weapon takes three months per weapon, while becoming a master of a martial weapon takes twelve months to learn per weapon. Mastering a weapon gives you a permanent +1 bonus to attack rolls and damage rolls with the weapon.

Because there are common elements or tells in styles taught my a weapon master, students of the same weapon master have no trouble recognizing each other. If you spend 1 minute observing or interacting with a creature outside of combat, or 1 round fighting a creature in combat, you can instantly tell if it is also a student of the same master who you learned from.

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