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Armor Cost Armor Class (AC) Strength Stealth Weight
Light Armor
Battle Robe 25 gp 11 + Dex - - 10 lb.
Leather Lamellar 30 gp 12 + Dex - Disadvantage 13 lb.
Medium Armor
Kozane Armor 75 gp 15 + Dex (max 2) 12 Disadvantage 30 lb.
Plated Leather Armor 75 gp 13 + Dex (max 2) - - 40 lb.
Wood Armor 15 gp 13 + Dex (max 2) - Disadvantage 20 lb.
Heavy Armor
Lorica Segmentata 45 gp 15 11 Disadvantage 30 lb.
Fortress Armor 2,500 gp 19 17 Disadvantage 80 lb.
Buckler 5 gp +1 - - 2 lb.
Tower Shield 25 gp +2 16 Disadvantage 15 lb.
Fencing Cloak 6 gp +1 - - 2 lb.


Weapon Cost Damage Weight Properties
Simple Melee Weapons
Bayonet 5 gp 1d4 Piercing 1 lb. Special
Brass Knuckle 5 sp 1d4 Bludgeoning 1 lb. Light
Karambit 4 gp 1d4 Slashing 1 lb. Finesse, Light
Katar 5 gp 1d6 Piercing 2 lb. Finesse, Light
Sap 1 gp 1d4 Bludgeoning 2 lb. Finesse, Light
Martial Melee Weapons
Arming Sword 20 gp 1d6 Slashing 3 lb. Light, Finesse, Versatile (1d8)
Bastard Sword 25 gp 1d8 Slashing 6 lb. Heavy, Versatile (1d10)
Bec De Corbin 20 gp 2d4 Piercing 6 lb. Heavy, Reach, Two-Handed
Bladed Chain 8 gp 1d6 Slashing 5 lb. Finesse, Monk, Reach, Two-Handed
Boar Spear 10 gp 2d6 Piercing 5 lb. Heavy, Reach, Two-Handed
Cutlass 10 gp 1d8 Slashing 2 lb. Finesse
Estoc 25 gp 1d8 Piercing 3 lb. Special
Falchion 10 gp 2d4 Slashing 3 lb. -
Hidden Blade 100 gp 1d4 Piercing 1 lb. Finesse, Hidden, Light, Special
Katana 15 gp 1d8 Slashing 3 lb. Finesse, Versatile (1d10)
Kopis 25 gp 1d8 Slashing 3 lb. -
Man Catcher 25 gp 1d4 Bludgeoning 2 lb. Two-Handed, Reach, Special
Meteor Hammer 15 gp 1d6 Bludgeoning 5 lb. Reach, Two-Handed, Special
Monk's Spade 10 gp 1d6 Slashing 3 lb. Monk, Reach, Versatile (1d8)
Saber 35 gp 1d8 Slashing 3 lb. Finesse
Spiked Chain 10 gp 2d4 Piercing 10 lb. Finesse, Reach, Two-Handed
Sword Breaker 15 gp 1d4 Piercing 2 lb. Finesse, Light, Special
Weighted Chain 10 gp 2d4 Bludgeoning 2 lb. Heavy, Reach, Special, Versatile (2d6)
Simple Ranged Weapons
Blowgun 10 sp 1d4 Piercing 1 lb. Ammunition (range 20/100), Loading
Boomerang 10 sp 1d4 Bludgeoning 1 lb. Light, Thrown (range 30/120)
Throwing Star 5 sp 1d4 Piercing 1 lb. Light, Thrown (range 30/90)
Bolas 30 sp 1d4 Bludgeoning 2 lb. Special, Thrown (range 20/60)
Martial Ranged Weapons
Chakram 15 gp 1d6 Slashing 1 lb. Light, Thrown (range 30/90)
Blunderbuss 300 gp 2d6 Piercing 8 lb. Ammunition (Range 20/80), Misfire 3, Reload 1, Scatter, Two-Handed
Musket 500 gp 1d12 Piercing 10 lb. Ammunition (Range 40/120), Misfire 1, Reload 1, Two-handed
Pistol 250 gp 1d10 Piercing 5 lb. Ammo (Range 30/90), Misfire 2, Reload 1


The development of gunpowder as a weapon has not been “explosive” as it could have been. Black powder and firearms are both expensive to produce and black powder is dangerous to store. Muskets and other firearms are produced by specialists and artisans on a specific commission basis. Rifling is complex and time consuming addition to their construction, without it accuracy suffers but many weapons are simple smoothbore muskets.

Firearms are a significant investment that can be difficult to repair and are ultimately less accurate than a longbow. However, firearms more than make up for their shortcomings by being brutally effective. Firearms require little specialized training, and a well coordinated firing line remains the most viscerally terrifying sight on a battlefield.

Firing firearms takes an action to reload the barrel before the weapon can be fired. When fired, any enemy within 60 ft. that was previously unaware of your presence may be made aware.

Firearms Properties[edit]

Reload. The Weapon can be fired a number of times equal to its reload score before you must spend an action to reload it. You must have one hand free to reload a firearm.
Misfire. Whenever you make an attack roll with a firearm and the dice roll is equal to or lower than the weapon’s misfire score, the weapon misfires. The attack misses and the weapon cannot be used again until you spend an action to try and repair it. (DC = 8 + misfire score). If the check fails, the weapon is broken and cannot be repaired in combat. The expense to repair the weapon is half the weapon’s value.
Scatter. An attack is made against each creature within a cone. If an affected creature is adjacent to you, they suffer double damage on a hit.

Adventuring Gear[edit]

Gear Cost Weight
:: Shot (20) 30 gp 4 lb.
:: Powderhorn (20 shots) 25 gp 1 lb.
:: Powder Keg (500 Shots) 250 gp 60 lb.
Climbing Axe 4 gp 3 lb.
Compass 100 gp 1/4 lb.
Flares 20 gp 3 lb.
Glider 50 gp 10 lb.
Grenade 100 gp 1 lb.
Lock Box 10 gp 5 lb.
Magnifying Glass* 25 gp 1/4 lb.
Parachute 100 gp 15 lb.
Pocket Watch 200 gp 1/4 lb.
Prism 25 gp 1/4 lb.
Smoke Bomb 30 gp 1/8 lb.
Spyglass* 200 gp 1 lb.
Stink Bomb 15 gp 1/8 lb.
Vial* 30 sp -
Work Clothes 15 sp 3 lb.
  • Flight Suit - 150 gp
Jumpsuits designed with the enchanted floatwood lining it and similarly enchanted for controlled descent. There are thin wings sewn under the arm and down to the leg. this is worn for siege and adrenaline and allows the wearer to make a controlled glide through the sky.
  • Falling Jacket - 30 gp
a simple vest with floatwood sewn into the material, reduces falling speed to 60 ft per round & doubles jumping distance.
These are common tools for people who travel on board of ships and who adventure in unpopulated islands or through reefs, they provide an additional tool for mobility and safety.


Glass vessels like vials and bottles, or lenses like a magnifying glass or a spyglass are much more easily sourced and produced than they were in previous eras. Scientists and alchemists have even come to a basic understanding of optics, as well as principles of reflection and refraction.


Tool Cost Weight
Artisan Tools
Doctor's Tools 30 gp 5 lb.
Tinkers' Tools 10 gp 8 lb.
Workman's Tools
Farmer's Tools 1 gp 10 lbs.
Prospector's Tools 2 gp. 5 lbs.
Whaler's Tools 10 gp. 15 lbs.
Gaming Sets
Backgammon Set 15 gp 2 lb.
Chess Set 18 gp 3 lb.
Checkers Set 10 gp 2 lb.
Go Set 15 gp 3 lb.
Loaded Dice 30 gp -
Musical Instruments
Castanets 15 sp 1/8 lb.
Grand Piano 400 gp 800 lb.
Harp 75 gp 30 lb.
Mountain Dulcimer 8 gp 3 lb.

Mounts and Vehicles[edit]

A good mount can help you move more quickly through the wilderness, but it can also carry the gear that would otherwise slow you down in addition to yourself. The Mount table shows each animal’s speed and base carrying capacity. An animal pulling a carriage, cart, chariot, sled, or wagon can move weight up to five times its base carrying capacity, including the weight of the vehicle. If multiple animals pull the same vehicle, they can add their carrying capacity together.

The mounts listed here are unusual, but still more common on Orizon than they would be on other worlds across the multiverse. The most popular types of animals domesticated as mounts on Orizon are flying mounts, to better navigate the distances between skylands. But others have been adapted to navigate the rest of the world, or to simply make life easier for those that domesticated them.


Vehicle Proficiency. If you have proficiency with a certain kind of vehicle (land or water), you can add your proficiency bonus to any check you make to control that kind of vehicle in difficult circumstances.

Airships. Airships have become the dominant means of travel in Orizon, and with the spread of the enchantment that creates floatwood, they are much more common than they might be on other planes.


A relatively calm sea offers great visibility. From a crow’s nest or from the back of a flying mount, a lookout can spot another ship or a coastline up to 10 miles away, assuming clear skies. Overcast skies reduce that distance by half. Rain and fog reduce visibility just as they do on land.

Owning A Ship[edit]

At some point in your campaign, the adventurers might gain custody of a ship. They might purchase or capture one or receive one to carry out a mission.

Crew. A ship needs a crew of skilled hirelings to function. As per the Player’s Handbook, one skilled hireling costs at least 2 GP per day. The minimum number of skilled hirelings needed to crew a ship depends on the type of vessel, as shown in the vehicles table. You can track the loyalty of individual crew members or the crew as a whole using the optional loyalty rules in chapter 4 of the Dungeon Master’s Guide. If at least half the crew becomes disloyal during a voyage, the crew turns hostile and stages a mutiny. If the ship is berthed, disloyal crew members leave the ship and never return.
Passengers. The table indicates the number of Small and Medium passengers the ship can accommodate. Accommodations typically consist of shared hammocks in tight quarters. A ship outfitted with private accommodations can carry one-fifth as many passengers. A passenger is usually expected to pay 5 SP per day for a hammock, but prices can vary from ship to ship. A small private cabin usually costs 2 GP per day.
Cargo. The table indicates the maximum tonnage each kind of ship can carry.
Damage Threshold. A ship has immunity to all damage unless it takes an amount of damage equal to or greater than its damage threshold, in which case it takes damage as normal. Any damage that fails to meet or exceed the damage threshold is considered superficial and doesn’t reduce the ship’s hit points.
Ship Repair. Repairs to a damaged ship can be made while the vessel is berthed. Repairing 1 hit point of damage requires 1 day and costs 20 GP for materials and labor.
Vehicles Cost Speed Crew Passengers Cargo (Tons) AC HP Damage Threshold
Nautical Ships
Rowboat 50 gp 1.5 mph 1 3 - 11 50 -
Galley 30,000 gp 4 mph 80 - 150 15 - 20
Sailing Ship 10,000 gp 2 mph 20 20 100 15 300 15
Warship 25,000 gp 2.5 mph 60 60 200 15 500 20
Drawn Vehicles
Caravan 175 gp 3 mph 2 4 1/4 13 75 -
Chariot 100 gp 25 mph 2 - - 13 25 -
River Barge 200 gp 3 mph 2 10 1/2 10 50 -
Standard Airship 20,000 gp 8 mph 10 20 3 13 300 -
Personal Airship 6,000 gp 4 mph 4 2 1/2 12 175 -
Yacht 28,000 gp 6 mph 5 10 1 12 250 -
Cargo Ship 25,000 gp 5 mph 30 30 10 14 325 10
Scouting Ship 20,000 gp 10 mph 5 5 2 13 200 -
Warship 30,000 gp 9 mph 50 50 5 14 400 12


Skyship, BenWootten (Source)

Airships on Orizon come in a myriad of different designs to accommodate different solutions for propulsion and counter-ballast. Some use huge balloons strapped to the hull, others have lighter-than-air bags lining the inside of a double hull, others use the blubber of sky whales or magical engines. Sails are the most common method of propulsion but some ships are forced forwards magically.

Orizon airships are constructed from floatwood, a naturally occurring magical lumber that comes from trees that grow on the skylands and soak up the ambient magic from the enchanted soil.

Some artificers have figured out means of creating floating metal, but the process for making these metals is expensive, time consuming, dangerous and inefficient, so it is not common, and their secrets are closely guarded.

Personal Vessel. A personal vessel is a smaller ship, designed to be easily controlled and sailed by a small number of operators. These ships are simple and unarmed and do not hold much personnel or cargo. This category of ship includes fishing boats and small caravels.
Yacht. Luxury vessels designed for the rich. These ships are for comfortable, luxuriant travel and not much else. These ships prioritize comfort and are unarmed or only lightly armed, but they can be quick and maneuverable.
Scouting Ship. These ships are designed to accommodate a small crew for a long journey. Intended for scouting and exploration, they are lightly armed, quick and maneuverable and have cabins that are designed to accommodate multiple possible uses.
Cargo Ship. Heavy vessels designed for the transport of large amounts of potentially heavy cargo, they frequently have accommodations below the hull for carrying cargo below the hull to make carrying equipment from the ground easier, such as a platform connected to ropes and pulleys. These ships are heavy, slow and clunky, but they are also armed to protect their cargo.
Warship. These airships designed to be the pinnacle of aerial combat, they are fast, maneuverable and well armed. Warships are usually only found in any numbers when owned by governments, but these ships are typically found sailed by pirates or mercenaries or adventurers.

Flying Mounts[edit]

The cost of buying a trained mount is approximately the value listed below. These mounts can also be bought as an egg for about half the price, but they must be raised and trained, and it takes a great deal of time before they are large enough to be ridden.

  • Griffon - 550 gp
  • Hippogriff - 300 gp
  • Pteranodon - 400 gp
  • Wyvern - 700 gp

Trade Goods[edit]

5e trade goods


5e expenses

  • Passage on an airship from ground to sky
5 gp
  • Passage on an airship between skylands
1 gp per mile

Futuristic Gear[edit]

These tools are “futuristic” in the sense that they are centuries above the level of technology currently available to the people of Orizon. However, they are the tools of the ancient world and are millennia old. These are powerful items of the advanced technologies of the ancients. Since magical items require individual attention in their creation there was still a huge market for items that could be produced on an assembly line, advanced tech and weaponry that could be available to the masses or to common soldiers.

Futuristic gear is often only found within the ruins of the old world and many discover that their new, powerful, weapons become useless hunks of metal and plastic when the ammunition runs out, or when something breaks and they are unable to repair it.

Often even using any “futuristic” tools of the old world requires extensive study and a careless user could burn the item out or irrevocably damage it. Some are simply too old to be used well, others have been preserved or were well constructed enough to survive the centuries intact.

Breath Mask and Respirator: A simplistic system that goes over the mouth, the respirator takes in and filters air making sure that the air in the breath mask is safe to breathe.

Bodyglove: Designed to be worn underneath armor, this works to regulate temperatures and provide some protection from the elements and radiation, as well as protection against chafing. Though the glove only protects against very minor amounts of environmental effects and cannot protect against extremes.

Charging Station: A system with slots for energy cells and power packs for tools and weapons. Plugging a depleted cell or pack into a charging station will completely recharge it after 6 hours. The systems that were originally used to charge these stations is no longer in place, but dealing a total of 150 lightning damage will be enough to completely recharge the station.

Commlink: A small device with a microphone and a speaker on the outside, these devices communicate between any other commlink tuned to the same frequency. While these are largely foolproof, these devices can be interfered with by terrain or weather. Commlinks can be equipped in helmets as an armor modification.

Data Pad: A book-sized device that is a combination of communications device, notebook, calculator, database, and numerous other devices. Most of these hand-held computers have touch screens, others use a holographic interface.

Electric Lamp: a hand-held device that emits light in either a 60 ft. cone or in a 20ft. circle. A smaller, cone only, version can be equipped as a flashlight as an armor modification.

Electrobinoculars: Highly advanced binoculars that allow the viewer to make out precise details on objects up to a mile away. The device has an internal display that provides the user with information about the object’s range, relative and true azimuths, and elevation. With the built-in zoom capability, objects can be made to appear closer for detailed inspection, or the depth of a field could be widened for examination of the surrounding area. Additionally, electrobinoculars have radiation sensors and both thermal and night-vision modes.

Grappling Launcher: a gun-like device that fires out a grappling hook and tension wire a distance of up to 90ft. A grappling launcher can be equipped as a weapon or armor modification

Holo-messenger: A communication device that connects two units and allows for communication, both units scan the speaker and display a holographic projection of them through the unit on the other end.

Jet Pack: worn on the back, a jet pack propels you forwards and can be steered to send you in any direction you choose. Using a jet pack gives you a flying speed of 60 ft. for up to one minute.

Multi-Optic Sight: The multi-optic sight enables different potential views from the wielder including thermal, low light, and detect magic. The multi-Optic Sight can be equipped as a weapon modification.

Scanner: A hand-held device designed to sense and record a variety of data. A standard scanner can detect life-signs, heat signatures, radiation, and audio within a kilometer, and the chemical makeup of nearby objects they scan. A scanner can be equipped to a helmet as an armor modification.

Surveillance tagger: A two-part device, a transmitter and a receiver, the transmitter sends a signal to the receiver, which either displays the transmitter’s location on a screen or makes noises that become more frequent as they get closer to the transmitter.

Thermal Cloak: A long cloak with numerous electrical cables within the thick fabric, These cables heat or cool the cloak to provide protection from extreme heat or cold.

Space Suit/Environment Suit: thick sealed full-body suits that are designed to protect the wearer from the temperatures, radiation, and vacuum of space. These have a limited amount of time they can be worn before needing to be refilled with air, somewhere between one or three hours. Wearing these suits provides the wearer with absolute protection from extreme conditions for its duration.

Shield Generator: The small pack projects a shield around its wearer. This shield grants its wearer a damage threshold of 15. Once the shield drops the pack requires a fresh energy cell. A shield generator can be equipped to armor as a modification.

Futuristic Armor[edit]

The armor worn by the ancients used materials and techniques in its construction centuries ahead of anything the modern people of Orizon have available to them, they can be lighter than leather and more durable than plate. The harder, more advanced armor can be modified to accommodate tools and gear built directly into the equipment, and can be modified with other gear built for similar armor. Even some weapons can be modified into the armor, like blades or shock gloves.

Armor Cost Armor Class (AC) Strength Stealth Weight
Futuristic Armor
Nanotube Weave - 13 + Dex (max 2) - - 2 lb.
Laminate Armor - 16 + Dex (max 2) - Disadvantage 15 lb.
Heavy Battle Armor - 18 + Dex (max 2) Str 13 Disadvantage 40 lb.
Power Armor - 21 Str 10 Disadvantage 200 lb.

While worn and sealed, laminate armor, heavy battle armor, and power armor have the Environment Suit' modification: The wearer has advantage on all constitution saving throws to resist the effects of extreme conditions like cold, heat, or radiation.

Power armor has the Self-Supporting modification: This armor’s weight does not count towards your encumbrance while it is worn and active.

Power armor requires the use of a power supply to remain functional, without energy powering the armor the strength requirement to use power armor becomes 20.

Armor Mods[edit]

Equipped to enhance armor, modifications are technological and sometimes magical additions to armor that enhance the capabilities of the people wearing them. Some of the earlier listed tools can also be equipped as modifications. Some small weapons can be equipped to a suit of armor.

Leg Shocks Heavy Battle Armor, Power Armor

The wearer takes half damage from falling so long as they land upright.

O2 Tank Laminate Armor, Heavy Battle Armor, Power Armor

The wearer can breathe freely in any environment for up to one hour so long as the armor is sealed.

Powered Exoskeleton. Heavy Battle Armor, Power Armor

The wearer increases their Strength score by 2 while they are wearing armor equipped with this modification.

Futuristic Weapons[edit]

Weapon Cost Damage Weight Properties
Modern Ranged Weapons
Pistol, Automatic - 2d6 Piercing 3 lb. Ammunition (Range 50/150), Reload 15
Revolver - 2d8 Piercing 4 lb. Ammunition (Range 60/175), Reload 6
Rifle, Hunting - 2d10 Piercing 8 lb. Ammunition (Range 80/240), Reload 5, Two-Handed
Rifle, Automatic - 2d8 Piercing 9 lb. Ammunition (Range 80/240), Burst Fire 3, Reload 30, Two-Handed
Shotgun - 2d8 Piercing 7 lb. Ammunition (Range 30/90), Reload 2, Two-Handed
Futuristic Melee Weapons
Plasma Blade - 4d8 Radiant 3 lb. Finesse, Reload (1 hour), Versatile (4d10)
Shock Gloves - 2d4 Lightning 1 lb. Light
Vibroknife - 2d8 Piercing 2 lb. Finesse, Light, Reload (48 hours)
Futuristic Ranged Weapons
Blaster Pistol - 2d6 Radiant + 1d6 fire 2 lb. Ammunition (Range 40/120), Burst Fire 3, Reload 40
Blaster Rifle - 2d8 Radiant + 1d8 fire 7 lb. Ammunition (Range 100/300), Burst Fire 5, Reload 30, Two-Handed
Antimatter Rifle - 6d8 Necrotic 9 lb. Ammunition (Range 120/360), Reload 2, Two-Handed
Gauss Rifle - 6d10 Piercing 12 lb. Ammunition (Range 150/5000), Reload 1, Two-Handed
Modern Ammunition
Bullets (10) - - 1 lb. -
Futuristic Ammunition
Energy Cell - - 5 oz. Will sustain a weapon's entire reload duration.

Weapon Properties[edit]

Burst fire. The weapon can fire a number of a shots in a single attack action. Shots fired this way have -1 on attack rolls.

Reload (melee). Melee weapons with the reload property will deplete their charge after a certain number of hours of active use.

Weapon Mods[edit]

Actuating Module Futuristic Weapons

Equipping this to a weapon supercharges the weapon’s damage output. Weapons equipped with this modification deal double damage. However, this can overheat the weapon, on a critical failure the weapon is permanently rendered inoperable.

Grenade Launcher Firearms with the Two-Handed Property

A grenade launcher is equipped underneath a weapon’s barrel that fires grenades 30 ft. forward.

Recoil Dampener Ranged Futuristic Weapons Equipping your weapon with this modification gives it a +1 to attack rolls.

Stun Blast Blasters

Equipping blasters with this modification changes the shots of magnetically coiled plasma to charged electric pulses that overload the nervous system. Blasters instead deal nonlethal lightning damage instead of radiant damage and do not deal any fire damage.

Telescopic Sight Firearms (except shotguns)

A telescoping sight with precise lenses that improve visibility and range. Equipping this modification to a weapon increases the weapon’s effective range by 50 ft.

Magic Items[edit]

The secrets for the creation of magical items were lost with the destruction of Orizon's ancient utopia. Some of those secrets have been revived in the intervening centuries, but few wizards can create a magical good more potent than an uncommon magical item.




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