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Fortress Armor[edit]

Heavy Armor
Cost Armor Class (AC) Strength Stealth Weight
2,000 gp 19 Str 17 Disadvantage 100 lb.

Fortress armor is exactly what it sounds like: an incredibly massive suit of armor that protects the wearer with it's sheer bulkiness. Unlike plate armor which seeks to protect the wearer by providing all-around coverage, fortress armor protects the wearer by placing a veritable bulwark of protection between the outside world and the wearer's vital organs. As a result, the armor is unwieldy and basically negates any chance of dexterous or stealthy movement while worn.

A knight clad in fortress armor detaches the built-in shield and attacks with a lance.
Gif of a knight from the Gameboy Fire Emblem Games (Copyright Nintendo)

Donning fortress armor takes 30 minutes, and doffing it takes 10 minutes.

Inserted Shield

This armor comes with a specially built shield which is normally carried on the breastplate. As a bonus action, you can remove and carry this shield. While you are carrying the shield, the armor's AC is reduced to 17, but you gain the benefits of holding a shield and additionally, the armor loses the Unwieldy property.

While holding this shield, you can place it back into the armor as a bonus action.


While wearing this armor, you have disadvantage on initiative checks. While you are wearing this armor and the built-in shield is inserted, you have disadvantage on all other ability checks, attack rolls, and saving throws based on Dexterity.

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