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Doctor's tools come in a flat-bottomed black or brown leather bag with a metal-frame closing mouth. The bag contains a number of general steel tools of a highly polished and precision nature, as well as a couple of additional tools unique to the doctor's specialty.

Proficiency with this kit lets you add your proficiency bonus to Wisdom (Medicine) checks when using it to stabilize a dying creature or diagnosing an illness. If you are already proficient with the medicine skill, your proficiency bonus is doubled.

If the actual contents of the bag are ever of roleplaying importance, they include:

  • A needle and fine wire or thread
  • A hinged splint or brace
  • A small steel cone (Low-tech stethoscope)
  • A small mirror
  • Live leeches
  • Tools for clamping and binding open wounds to prevent blood loss
  • Two small tools relevant to the practitioner's specialty.

Cost: 50 gp
Weight: 6 lb.

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