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NPCs without an improving, reviewing, or removing template present.

Name Race Levels Description
Aghalor Oros Minotaur Gravity Warrior 4 A monster with eyes that glow in the darkness, glinting like the purest rubies ever mined, the beast charges, smashing through stone and steel alike.
Alexei Vorobev Dwarf paladin 6/Blüdfrost Cavalier 4 Blüdfrost Cavalier
Aria SRD:Human Monk 20 Enlightened Soul 5 A woman, both quick and dangerous, who'd prefer to be raising her son than fighting evil. But that is no longer an option.
Balthasar Mosler Atlantean barbarian 6/Atlantean Cavalier 4 Atlantean Cavalier
Bamidele Human barbarian 6/Thrallian Cavalier 4 Thrallian Cavalier
Bellinor Fenjornic maenad wilder 4/barbarian 1/psionic dragon disciple 7 Poster child for the psionic dragon disciple class.
Carmichael Vampire Wizard 10 A technician without compare, willing to do anything for his trade.
Casper, Jesper and Jonathan Human Wizard 12/Ranger 11 Three brothers - or two brothers and a fascimile - who have been pushed over the edge.
Chalm Kaisman Human Warrior Monk 12 Guardian of Khai Shan
Clemens Kwerath Orc Barbarian 3/Paladin 9 A homosexual Orc, formerly training as a Barbarian now a Paladin of Obad-Hai.
Colin the Chemist
Dace Silverside Human Rogue 12 King of the Pirates of Lucan.
Drogg Half-Orc Paladin 6 / Blind Warrior 6 Drogg, the Blind Paladin of Rydoria, is a silent protector and peacekeeper, roaming the streets in search of evil.
Gegglahroque Ahgglin Aroghin Aroghin Paragon 3, wizard 3, cleric 3, mystic theurge 3 The big gray man in maroon robes.
Jerrod Polt Human Fighter 8 / Acolyte of the Scythe 4 An extremely tall Acolyte of the Scythe devoted to the use of his weapon; so much that he has even gained the pseudonym "Scythe".
Kogthor Orc Barbiarian 5/ Greatweapon Smith 6 A Greatweapon Smith
Kruden Firestorm Human Fabled_Hero_(3.5e_Class) 12 Village destroyed by Ameno the Cruel
Lady Anatidae
Lamaë’an Drow paladin of slaughter 6/spider rider 4 Spider rider servant of Lolth.
Mothers Three
Rafael Moncrieff Elf Monk 7/ Soulbinder 5 Rafael Moncrieff is a Soulbinder gone mad with power, He believes he can further the power of his soul if he steals the soul of others, He attacks with his Sai's in hopes to trap the PC's Soul. He may usually be found in his grandfather's old manor, Though he may be placed anywhere the DM chooses.
Skarrnog Barghest Barbarian 8 The cruel overlord of the wild goblin tribes.
Tiberius Petronius Superbus Human barbarian 6/Rendigo Cavalier 4 Rendigo Cavalier.
Worm Eater Human Villainous Spellcaster 12 A necromancer building an undead army.
Zander Kol
Zavos Semho elf wizard 5/grafter 7 Power hungry wizard using the power of grafts to give him an edge.

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