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Name Race Levels Description
Cassandra Faruea half-drow red mage 8 Cassandra comes from a family which has a long tradition of red mages.
Gorg Ribsplinter goblin cleric 8 Goblin king.
Ian Jackdaw Human grim 8 An unkempt traveling supernatural warrior and exocist who'll do anything for the right bit of coin.
Komen Kuroshiro high elf sublime ninja 8 A ninja betrayed by his clan seeks vengence.
Mafdet Anubal None The greater anubal warden who embalmed Al Mehmed and now serves as his advisor.
Mos Redendo human rogue 5/improvisor 3 A local pickpocket and low-level member of the local thieves guild.
Mothers Three
Nepthys Ophelia Human Unlimited Mage Enthusiastic 19 y/o with a sense of wanderlust. Easy to anger. Be careful if she thinks you're keeping her from learning anything, even something small.
Rale Fishinger Human Rogue 8 The adviser to Lord Rainhall in the town of Blueblood.
Shotglass Johnson Human Hexagunner 8 Shotglass Johnson is the second in command of the nutorious Bloody Nose Boys, he only answers to the big boss Sigfreid 'Three-shot' Kepler
Tryst Farmon Human Artificer 8 A freed slave who desires to uncover his history.
Velassa high elf sorcerer 4/swashbuckler 4 headmistress of the Sunshine Orphanage in Cairn.
Waywocket Dusseldorf Lintymann LXIX half-celestial forest gnome bard 4, druid 2 Potential ally, or enemy. Waywocket is really good deep down, but has been altered due to a Programmed Amnesia spell.
Xzalerio Half-Elf Beguiler 4, Cleric 3, Mystic Theurge 1 This averagly tall half-elf stands before you with a knowing thought in his eyes, "I see you have come at last."

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