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The things listed here are optional, but have been found useful and beneficiary to campaigns in Tyrus.



This variant makes language a larger aspect during role play.
Rules for fight club brawling and bar fights.
A game, or sport, where the participants fight their way through a dungeon for... Prizes?
This rule seems to make sense to me. If you swing with full force to hit something and the roll from your attack is 1, you run the risk of over swinging your weapon and hitting yourself with it. Very realistic. It also makes for some hilarious situations, increasing the fun of the campaign.
Massive damage can cause lasting, or even fatal, injuries.
A very useful rule to encourage crafting in the game. Crafting items gives experience.
Awesome rules for creating armor using different techniques and materials.
Magic item creation variant that introduces blueprints for creating items.
This rule might make someone want to play a kobold or something.
A variant rule that introduces drugs! This actually could increase the idea that this is a full world. Every culture has substances that are either illegal or have some sort of addictive or other effect.
This variant gives characters the option to have inherited magical powers.
Rules for background information on different types of religious characters.


An effective template for making a child character.
A template to play as a character in his or her undead form. This could make for some interesting campaigns. The entire party dies, but they live on to fight for an evil necromancer?


The various rules, equipment, and ideas in this introduce Chocobos as a legitimate creature/mount in a world.

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