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Certain bars and clubs have a large pit or dirt circle in the center. These are the rules for brawling including rewards, opponent levels, special battles, rewards, sample bars and clubs.


A brawl starts off by two combatants getting into the ring. They must wear the proper battle attire, pants and gloves, no shirts. In a circle, there are 2 ways to win, either 1 opponent is knocked out (aka KO) or one is pushed out of the ring (aka ring-out). In a pit, the only way to win is to get a KO.


Brawling clubs and bars may have tournaments in which points are also included in a brawling match. Points are rewarded as so:

  • For every point of hp (non-lethal) you have after a match is 1 point.
  • In a match you can try to stance yourself in an entertaining way. You have to do a Perform(Dance) check with a DC 10. If you fail, you fumble and get -5 points. Success gets you +3 points.
  • 1 point is earned for every 2 rounds you pin an opponent.

See Tournaments below.

Special Brawling[edit]

Sometimes brawling includes teams and/or improvised weapons (ie a stool, a wooden plank).

Team Brawl[edit]

In some brawling matches you are allowed to choose a teammate.

Random Brawls[edit]

Sometimes, 2 drunkards will have an argument. This results in a random brawl. In a random brawl it starts with 2 or 3 drunk level 1 commoners. If this isn't broken up within 10 rounds, a swarm of drunkards will spawn and start a riot.

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