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These dangers may be used to torment and annoy the players.



Spread by inhaling the dust from mining. Symptoms include a hacking cough and exhaustion. The only known cure for this disease, short of powerful magics, is a concoction known as ‘Dwarf Oil’, which is made from mountain spring mud and several spices and herbs found only in caves.

Infection – Inhaled

DC – 15

Incubation – 1 month

Damage – 1d2 con (Blacklung deals 1 point of pemanent Constitution drain every other month)


This disease only affects animal or animal-like creatures. Symptoms include the cracking of skin and bleeding around the joints. Infected animals are usually killed right away by their owners.

Infection – Contact

DC – 13

Incubation – 1d4 days

Damage – 1d3 Con


This disease effects only humanoid creatures. Symptoms include vomiting blood. It is usually transferred by eating meat from an infected creature.

Infection – Ingested

DC – 13

Incubation – 1d3 days

Damage – 1d2 con, 1d2 dex


This disease is often spread by unclean water. Symptoms include muscle spasms and cramps.

Infection – Contact/Ingested

DC – 15

Incubation – 1 day

Damage – 1d8 Con

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