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Wackymynd is a person who forgot his original password and had to make a new account. (So, everything by user Wackimind is also by me) I am known by friends and family for having a wacky mynd (or a wacki mind, works either way.) My DnD character is a Level 2 gnome illusionist. As well as DnD, I like the Pokemon video games and trading card games, especially Magic: The Gathering. Best trading card game ever! I might or might not think that I'm insane; either way, I sometimes talk in the third person and call myself Hooper. I am frequently in the Tavern, so feel free to see if I'm there and discuss ideas with me. And, since you seem to be faintly interested because you visited my user page, why not check out my latest contribution?


Strategy games,




Strategy games,

Writing stories,

Strategy games,

Listening to/making/telling/watching someone fall snortingly helplessly into laughter as a result of jokes,

Strategy games



People who think that Pokemon is either satanic, cockfighting in disguise, or for 5-year-olds,



Dotted quarter notes

My contributions:

Phoenix (DnD Creature)

Sholon (DnD Race)

Orb of Hypnotic Mind (DnD Equipment)

Palindromic Staff of Boccob (DnD Equipment)

Elven Sword of Corellon Larethian (DnD Equipment)

Forest Bow of Ehlonna (DnD Equipment)

Destructive Morningstar of Erythnul (DnD Equipment)

Compulsive Truthteller (DnD Flaw)

Perfect Clone (DnD Spell)‎

Iridium (3.5e Equipment)‎

Slizzer (DnD Equipment)

Squizeep (DnD NPC)

Improvised Weapon Proficiency (DnD Feat)

Curse Domain (DnD Cleric Domain)

Diluted Black Lotus Extract (3.5e Equipment)

Lyrian (DnD Deity)‎

Phantom Summoning (3.5e Epic Spell)‎

Travelling Plague Carrier (DnD Template)

Rhinoceros Rider (DnD Prestige Class)

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