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Ancient Bladesinger (3.5e Prestige Class): A ten-level prestige class that better reflects the 2nd Edition bladesinger.

Daring Swashbuckler (Class): A Tome of Battle-inspired variant of the swashbuckler.

Hoodwink (Class): A Tome of Battle-inspired rogue, as opposed to the Swordsage monk.

Kelvezu (3.5e Class): A take on the Kelvezu demon using Oslecamo's Improved Monster Classes format.

Magus (3.5e Class): A toned down version of the spellweaver that focuses on the essentials of the class.

Mesmerist (3.5e Prestige Class): A mentalist with a mentally mental mind.

Master of the Elements (3.5e Prestige Class): An elementalist prestige class that's only five-levels long.

Shieldbearer (3.5e Prestige Class): A three-level prestige class for initiators that significantly improves the usefulness of sword-and-board fighting techniques.

Soulbinder (3.5e Class): A variant binder.

Spellbinder (3.5e Prestige Class): A prestige class focused on perfecting spellcasting over raw power.

Spellweaver (3.5e Class): A base arcane spellcasting class focused on spell points, buffing, and metamagic.

Swashbuckler (Class): A swashbuckler for D&D 5e.

Tattooed Vessel (3.5e Prestige Class): A prestige class that blends warlocks and binders into a better whole.

Wild Mind (3.5e Prestige Class): A prestige class tailored for wilders to make them more interesting and more on par with psions.


Half-Elf, Redux (3.5e Race): A more interesting and flavorful "redux" of the half-elf from the Player's Handbook.

Kelvezu, Lesser (Pathfinder Race): A lesser kelvezu for Pathfinder.

Noble (3.5e Template): A template for elevating a character to nobility.

Shadow Imp (3.5e Creature): A lesser imp composed of living shadow.

Shadowhunter (3.5e Template): A template for creating hunters born from shadows.


Battle Mage (3.5e Feat): You no longer provoke AoOs when casting spells, and you can attempt to move while casting.

Bladesinging (3.5e Feat): A tactical feat for elven bladesingers.

Craft Personal Focus (3.5e Feat): Allows the creation of a personal focus, which replaces the need for expensive material components or foci.

Revitalizing Soul (3.5e Feat): A feat that allows spell point-using spellcasters to regenerate spent points at the expense of having a drastically smaller pool.


Elementalist (3.5e Trait): A spellcaster who prefers elemental spells to the typical save-or-die/save-or-suck shenanigans.

Haunted Past (3.5e Flaw): You suffer nightmares, causing you to become shaken or even cause a random encounter to occur.


Rune of Armaments (3.5e Spell): An improved version of greater magic weapon with a dwarven flair.

Rune of Armor (3.5e Spell): An improved version of magic vestment with a dwarven flair.

Resplendence (3.5e Spell): An improved version of regenerate.


Frostfell Blast (3.5e_Invocation): Eldritch essential that does cold damage and can affect incorporeal targets.

Howling Blast (3.5e_Invocation): Eldritch essential that does sonic damage and has a chance to knock down and other things.

Spectral Blast (3.5e_Invocation): Eldritch essential invocation that affects incorporeal targets.


Chainblade, Elven (3.5e Equipment): An exotic sword version of the spiked chain.

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