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At the beginning of the world, humanity consisted of clans engulfed in endless war. Among this world was a single, massive tree known as the God Tree, that feasted on blood and was worshiped, as its name implies, as a god. After decades of bloodshed, a small clan of celestial beings descended from the heavens in search of this tree due to the immense amount of chakra it contained. Loosing all faith in humanity, but still desiring peace, she deemed it necessary to obtain god-like power to end humanity’s conflicts. Consuming the fruit of the God Tree despite taboo, she became the sole user of chakra and manifested the Rinne Sharingan. After conquering all of mankind, she was crowned the Rabbit Goddess. However, consuming the God Tree’s fruit did not come without price, as she slowly descended into darkness. Using the Infinite Tsukuyomi, she slowly transformed most of humanity into White Zetsu to protect her power from other clans. When she gave birth to her two sons, Hagoromo and Hamura, she granted them the ability to control chakra as well. Ruling with an iron fist, she was no longer referred to as a goddess, but a demon. Becoming enslaved to her desire to control all chakra, she turned herself against her sons, fusing with the God Tree to become the Ten-Tailed Beast. After a long battle, her sons were victorious. Sealing the beast within Hagoromo’s body, the brothers split her chakra into the Nine Tailed Beasts, with the remainder of her body later becoming the moon. Before being completely sealed, Datara created Black Zetsu with the sole purpose of one day reviving her. Hamura took the remainder of the Ōtsutsuki clan to guard these remains on the moon, while Hagoromo remained on Earth.

An aging Hagoromo continued to travel the world, being known as the Sage of Six Paths due to his Rinnegan. He spread the gift of chakra to mankind and taught the ways of ninshu, a religion focusing on using chakra peacefully to unite all of humanity. In winter years, the sage could no longer contain the power of the Ten-Tails, splitting it into nine Tailed Beasts. Finally, on his death bed he named his successor; his youngest of two half-human sons, Asura Ōtsutsuki. While his oldest son, Indra, had inherited his visual prowess in the form of the Sharingan and had the greatest control of chakra, Asura had inherited his father’s will and compassion, physical strength, and control of senjutsu chakra. Angered by this and manipulated by Black Zetsu, Indra challenged his brother. After a long and arduous battle, Asura had won. Over decades, Asura would become the progenitor of the Senju clan, while Indra gave rise to the Uchiha clan. The two clan’s heads would continue to clash for decades.

Despite the Sage and his successor’s desires, peace was not brought to the Shinobi World. Nations were formed, and while they were no longer embroiled in constant war, each nation held eachother in contempt. During the reign of the first Hokage, Hashirama Senju, roughly 34 years before the birth of the seventh Hokage, the First Shinobi World War broke out. In a hope of establishing a power balance, he divided the Tailed Beasts among the nations. Despite this, the war did not end. It would continue past his lifetime, and ultimately lead to the death of Tobirama Senju, his younger brother and the second Hokage. The war would end in an armistice, and would leave every nation involved shattered, and various factions would form within them.

Roughly 20 years after the armistice was signed, during the reign of the Third Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi, factions within each of the Five Great Shinobi Nations would attempt to expand their borders, leading to the Second Shinobi World War. This would lead to the formation of the Sannin, which would in turn lead to the creation of the Akatsuki. It would ultimately end in a true peace treaty as factions consolidated into a true nation again.

10 years before the birth of the seventh Hokage, the Third Shinobi World War began. After the Land of Earth had attempted to infiltrate the Land of Fire, they two waged war across multiple smaller nations. While the rest of the Great Nations would skirmish as well, they did not play influential roles in the war. In the end, the Land of Fire reigned supreme, but the third Hokage made a groundbreaking decision not to demand reparations from their enemy. Due to many high-ranking individuals declaring Sarutobi a weakling, he stepped down an named Minato Namikaze, the Hidden Leaf’s Yellow Flash who was the single most influential soldier in the war, the fourth Hokage. This war became the boiling point for the Uchiha clan, who began conspiring against the Hokage and village elders.

8 years after the birth of Naruto Uzumaki, the future seventh Hokage, Itachi Uchiha slaughters the entire Uchiha clan under orders from the village elders. He leaves his younger brother alive and joins the Akatsuki.

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