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The exact time Redford was established is lost and unknown even to the Reckoning, but a rough assumption places its birth between the years 2400 and 2600. The first buildings built at this time are now long-lost, except for the few strangely preserved tombstones at the graveyard which indicate that they were placed there over 700 years ago. The first inhabitants of Redford were probably outcasts from Carag Brun, and later from Fort Brunid and Carag Vorn. The town has had a healthy population of both humans and dwarves even in its early years.

The town quickly became important in trade, thanks to its central position and the fertile soil surrounding it. The first mention of the Redford area as "the bread-basket of the West" can be found in a series of old letters between a nobleman and a fledgling wizard from the year 2911. Mining, especially the mining of silver, was an important part of the town's economy even before the great fields and many mines remain in northwestern Redford– some abandoned, others still working.

Redford was an important area during the Arn-Wars, and that age of strife increased its value as a producer of grain. In fact, one of the reasons the city was preserved in the war was its importance to the human and dwarf leaders as a source of sustenance. Redford has increased in value and notability ever since those times, and is a central place in Pansaer as of now for all but the most remote eastern parts. Truly it has earned its nickname, "the Heart of the West".

Nowadays Redford is peaceful and stable on the outside, but inside there's agitation: the current power-struggle between the traditional nobles and the zealous Aurites has strengthened the old-fashioned division of the city into the old and prosperous south and the poor north. Goblin activity in the north, especially the Lowlands of Hundon, has increased notably. The citizens bordering the city and those in the close-by settlements live in constant fear of molestation. Redford is on the verge of great change; a party of adventurers can easily tip the balance, but which way?

Inhabitants & Rulers

The city area of Redford boasts a population of some 10,000 adults of various races plus their children, but a big part of the population lives outside the city walls. Some 5,000 adults live within 10 miles of the city proper (in hamlets, estates, farmsteads and so on). Redford is a wealthy city, but the gap between the nobles and the commoners is so wide that the wealth is concentrated to a few well-off families.

Redford is traditionally a human settlement, but even from the beginning has had a notable minority of dwarves living in it. Currently about 15% of permanent residents are dwarves. Most work as artisans, blacksmiths, craftsmen, hunters and cooks and on average are wealthier than humans. Humans, on the other hand, have a greater gap between the rich and the poor. The former work as alchemists, artists, bankers, councilors and diplomats (and many have inherited their high position; Redford is a town of nobles), whereas the latter work as farmers, laborers, merchants and hunters.

Just outside the northwestern wall is a large encampment of dunners, who are considered "questionable folk", especially by the wealthier people. On the whole, however, Redford is a more-or-less multicultural city, and almost any race can be seen walking its streets. Even goliaths can occasionally be spotted.

Redford is nominally led by the Council of Redford, a city council and jury made up of fifteen hereditary members (consisting of those nobles who don't have more profitable things to do) and fifteen elected members (who consist of those rich enough to buy the votes or rig the election). Even then, the Council has surprisingly little pull in the city. For example, a rich noble family like the Von Leavens can operate freely without the Council having much say in their actions. When it comes to the civic side of things however, the Council rules supreme. The king of Fort Brunid is the highest authority of Redford in theory, but in practice the value of Redford as a producer of grain means it can operate freely.


The city plan of Redford, with the locales marked.

The walled city of Redford encompasses an area of roughly 20 square miles with the actual municipality being about 200 square miles to 500 square miles, depending on who you ask. The nearby smaller cities systematically deny Redford's dominance in the area, while the Council of Redford is equally adamant about the municipality's massive size. The architecture of Redford is instantly recognizable: almost all houses are built of wood, with cheaper houses whitewashed and the more expensive painted. Only the Old Town has a notable number of stone houses. The buildings of Redford are often multistory, with balconies sticking out onto streets and alleyways. This, along with haphazard placement of the buildings, makes Redford's city plan chaotic. The Old Town is a bit better, although the styles of the many mansions and estates often clash visually. Dwarven handiwork can be seen where there's been money to buy it.

The oldest part of Redford, "the first ring", is by far the wealthiest. Only the most notable nobles, councilors, and merchants of high positions (both human and dwarf) live here. Open display of magic is strictly forbidden in the Old Town area, thanks in great part to the work of councilors and nobles. Such activity is punishable by law. Important locales in the Old Town are the courthouse, the sheriff's office, the famous inn Silver Anchor, and the Von Leaven estate, as well as the graveyard just half a mile or so from the southern gates.

The "second ring" of Redford is divided into two parts by the Crafter's District. The southeastern side is a wealthier neighborhood, containing the homes and stores of many merchants. Most of Redford's dwarves live in this area. The Crafter's District houses the main concentration of smithies, wizard's shoppes (magic is quite legal outside of the Old Town) and workshops in Redford. Important locales include the Royal Zoo, the Redford Library, two notable temples of Auri, the Temple of Morran, and the town square (although it has degenerated over the years, and is nowadays more a part of Ragtown).

The worse part of the second ring is located on the northwestern side of the Crafter's District where most of the inhabitants are humans, although dunners and goblins are also common. The very worst and poorest area in all of Redford, the Ragtown as it is known, are the districts directly north of the town square. Ragtown beckons all sorts of seedy material to it, and a wise traveler holds tight onto his wallet here. Important locales are, for example, the Temple of the Rising, the grand fountain, the Drunken Trout, and five lesser temples of Auri, three of which can be found in Ragtown.

Redford is surrounded by an ever-growing suburb and slum. Since the two rings are bordered by walls the town can no longer grow, and any surrounding areas are just temporary accommodations. The suburbs are divided into two parts: the west, which is mostly a rag-tag collection of tents and temporary lodgings (as well as a large dunner caravan); and the east, which is the location of many estates and manors and generally a more respectable neighborhood. No slums have been established near the graveyard, mostly because of local folklore about ghosts and hauntings.


Only two deities have a strong following in Redford: Auri, the powerhouse among the poorer folk of the northwest, and Morran, who is revered by nearly all dwarven citizens. The current situation in Redford has increased the power of the Aurites, and the situation is getting slowly but surely out of hand. The newest update to Redford law deals with banning holy symbols not related to the titan pantheon on the streets, and the establishing of clear religious borders in the city. These changes can be directly attributed to the current High Minister, Torg Cudean.

Magic is generally disliked, and even banned in the Old Town. It is endured in the second ring and even used to help everyday life in the city, but one will not make friends through open displays of magic. The highest concentration of arcane casters can be found on the western end of the Crafter's District, near the library. Divine spellcasters will have no problems with city officials, even though the church of Auri is attempting to thwart the divine magic of other deities in the city.

Threats & Strife

The traditional political games are as strong as ever these days. Nobles struggle for power, assassinate and downplay each other all while showing smiling faces to the public. The political big shots these days are Carl von Arnberg, Harold von Leaven, and Wilhelm von Morr. Their continual dissonances disrupt the flow of the city every now and again, but are mostly endured by everyone except Lucas Hayworth, the sheriff.

Another strong theme nowadays is religion, and the church of Auri along with its leader, Torg Cudean. The Aurites have challenged the traditional nobility of Redford for power and strongly support a theocracy. The fights between Aurites and members of other churches, especially followers of Morran, are common.

The wild goblins of the north are a pest that seems impossible to wipe away. Before the Harsh Winter of year 3204, goblin tribes mostly lived in the hills doing little harm to the people of Redford. The terrible weather and cold of the Harsh Winter forced the goblins to work in unison to attack Redford several times. The initial attacks were blocked, but the tribes remained in a state of alliance. Nowadays, lead by a powerful and driven warlord by the name of Skarrnog, ill times may be coming for Redford in the near future. The threat from the north has also made the city-dwelling goblins targets of racism and hate crimes.


A - Courthouse

One of the oldest remaining buildings of Redford, the courthouse was built just after the Arn-Wars. It used to be a center of political reign, but has lost much of its former meaning after the power shift to the church of Auri. Nowadays it houses the occasional Council meeting, but little else. It is also the base of operations of many affiliations in Redford, such as the Redford Guild d'Merchant.

The courthouse is the second largest building in Redford, right after the Temple of the Rising. It is built from gray marble, and was constructed by skilled dwarven artisans. Long pillars line the halls and corridors and a continual silence spell (one of the only legal magical effects in Old Town) is placed on its walls and doors, making eavesdropping all but impossible.

B - Sheriff's Office

This is the base of operations of Lucas Hayworth, son of David Hayworth, son of Harry Hayworth, "Ol' Grin". Lucas is obsessed with his job and the sheriff's office proves this fact. The holding cells are continually full and tons of paperwork litter the tables, shelves, tops of cabinets and even the floor. The building itself is no amazing sight: a simple wooden house, with windows on every wall.

C - The Silver Anchor

Good food, frothy beer and a roaring fire -
the Silver Anchor has it all.

A spot of traditional country breeze among the expensive estates and unfriendly people; the Silver Anchor is a proper old-fashioned tavern. Hay is scattered on the floor, a band of bards plays happy country tunes, and the food and drink are simple yet tasty. The dark stout of the Silver Anchor is famous as far away as Tull. Many nobles come here to experience the farmer life they normally distance themselves from, and poorer folk come to drink and make merry. Thus, the Silver Anchor is one of the only places where the rich and poor meet on fair ground.

The bar is open all day, all year long except on certain religious holidays. The main room houses some 6 to 8 full tables on an average night, and more can be set up quickly. A peculiarity in the room is the curtain room: a special cabinet that can be rented for 10 gp an hour. A noble often rents the cabinet, and then circles around the other tables socializing with the townsfolk. The bar mostly sells beers (especially their famous dark stout), but also has a moderate selection of whiskeys from around the west. The kitchen resembles the main room in style, and is used to cook what little food the customers order; mostly baked potatoes and bacon.

D - Von Leaven Estate

Harold von Leaven, one of the most influential nobles in Redford, has an estate in the Old Town where he spends his winters. In summer he lives on his ranch, northwest of the city. Von Leaven estate is famous for its grand design, its generous feasts, and its nigh-legendary wine cellar. Even though the master of the house only abides here at winter, the estate is full of life year round: it is a base of operations for Harold's daughter, Selena.

Quests at this locale: Von Leaven Estate

E - Temple of the Rising

Torg Cudean rules the faithful using the Temple of the Rising as his headquarters. In ancient times, shamanistic druids worshiped the sun and moon on the grounds of the temple, but as the Aurites took over most of the West they converted the old site to Auri's worship. Nowadays it is a gargantuan, daunting building of gray marble and alabaster stone, looking over the newest district of the city. The rising of the sun colors the gray-orange walls with gold; a magnificent sight that raises the spirit.

Quests at this locale: Temple of the Rising

F - Redford Library

A center of knowledge and a haven of scholars; the Redford Library, situated at the southwestern end of Crafter's District, is one of the most famous places in Redford. Wizards and scholars come from as far away as the Spire to study the vast collection of texts, especially the ones concerning magic and history. The citizens of Redford are more interested in the annals and bloodline accounts of nobles. The library provides a +2 circumstance bonus on all Gather Information and Knowledge (history and local) checks concerning Redford.

The great house is lined with pillars of gray stone and the quiet hallways house more than 3000 volumes. The library organizes a rental system in which a book can be loaned (first three days free, 1 sp per day thereafter). A large side room, complete with a permanent zone of truth spell and purchasable honey of tongues (300 gp, caster level 5th), is a perfect place to hold meetings and conferences. Just below the dust-covered floorboards of a distant corner of the library opens one of the few easy pathways to the ruins below Redford, unknown even to the librarians.

Quests at this locale: Ruins of Ancient Redford

G - Temple of Morran

The sacred temple of Morran is the final frontier for the followers of the god of lore: the church of Auri has overthrown all other notable places of worship within the second circle. The dwarven craftsmanship is visible in the stone building, which resembles a castle more than a temple. The black granite is cold to the touch even on the hottest days of summer.

H - The Grand Fountain

A large multi-stepped fountain that circulates (technically) clear, cool water and seconds as a source of water for poor folk. Commoners sometimes bring their children to bathe here, and wash their murky clothes in the fountain. The water is changed around midnight every day, but this is hardly enough: by the end of the day, the water is murky and unclean. Any character drinking from the mountain (except at early morning) has a 5% chance to be exposed to blinding sickness (Blinding sickness―ingested, Fortitude DC 16, incubation period 1d3 days, damage 1d4 Str. Each time the victim takes 2 or more damage from the disease, he must make another Fortitude save or be permanently blinded).

I - Royal Zoo

"Come For The Beasts,
Stay For The Laughter!!!"

In the time after the end of the Arn-Wars king Parcel Brunhelm, at that time an old man, decided to celebrate the victory by beginning construction of several Royal Zoos. Unfortunately the king died before seeing even one of his precious zoos finished, and only the one in Redford was ever completed. It was quickly bought by Barogond von Gutherberg, an ancestor of the current Von Gutherberg lineage, who populated it with strange beasts and creatures from as far away as Dunas and the Tumbling Fells. The zoo is in a state of disrepair and the animals are for the most part maltreated.

Quests at this locale: Royal Zoo

J - Town Square

Once the heart of Redford, the Town Square is nowadays a collection of the worst (and cheapest) shops in the city. The chance that the characters are robbed here increases once per 3d4x5 minutes (see Crafter's District). If you want to buy items normally not available, this is where you head but watch out for seedy merchants. The square has benefited from the influence of the church of Auri, and the worst material is slowly returning to the Den of Thieves area outside the city.

K - The Drunken Trout

This is the haven for the more fortunate within the proximity of the poorer parts of Redford. The Drunken Trout is an inn of some fame, and the usual spot for the average character to rest in. Rooms go for 5 sp a night (four uncomfortable beds, an armoire and a bucket of stale water), or 2 gp a night for a suite (comfortable bed, a lockable chest, a mirror, an armoire). For an extra price of one gold piece, a suite door can be rigged to ring a bell when the door is tampered with.

L - Gateguard Headquarters

The Gateguard is the official city guard of Redford. It is in theory commanded by the Council but in practice it is so thoroughly corrupt that the nobles, especially the richest ones, have them all in their pockets. They operate from two fortifications built into the second circle walls, and are the ones who gather the entrance fees at the gates (often with a hefty bribe). Smaller guardhouses line the city walls.

Quests at this locale: A Dirty Way In

M - Dunner Caravan

Generally ill-liked in Redford, a large number of dunners have chosen not to abide in the city and instead live in this large caravan just northwest of the city. Contrary to popular belief, the caravan is actually a sanctuary in the cruel slums. Sure, your pocket might be picked but at least you wont wake up with a knife in your back. A number of dunner wizards, most of them diviners, make a living as mediums and fortune tellers here.

N - Den of Thieves

The worst of a bad lot, the Den of Thieves is little more than a cancer for Redford. It gathers the seediest material from tens of miles away and it never closes. At day it is a slow-paced and dreary place, but at night it turns violent and dangerous. City officials have no power over the throngs of thieves, assassins, brigands and murderers. In times past the Den was a wizard's tower, but after a great collapse that took the frail wizard's life the place has been used as a meeting point for those of nefarious intent. The heavy stone door is rarely closed.

One of the most off-putting things in the Den of Thieves is the state of disrepair it is in. Its walls are caving in, the roof is bent inwards, and the ground is only partially covered by slates of stone. A central feature is the old, rotten stand in the middle of the round room where the most important thieves and criminals dine. The Den has no bar. Everyone brings their own drinks here, and more often than not one tries to poison those of others. The Den of Thieves is the only place where a character can "reliably" buy poisons.

Crafter's District

This central street houses a multitude of smithies, vendors, markets, workshops and schools. When business needs to get done, look no further. This is where the characters can (and will) do most of their shopping. The Crafter's District is a wide street, but the amount of stalls, stands, and booths of all kinds make it cramped. The street is empty only in the middle of the night, and even then only for a couple of hours. Every 1d4 hours, a budding rogue attempts to pickpocket the character for some visible goods. This rate is increased to once per hour in the far northeastern end of the district.

Quests at this locale: Basement Drug Lab, Crimson House


While there are many graveyards surrounding Redford and many more still cremate the remains of their dead after the custom of the Aurites, the oldest surviving part of Redford is still often known just as "the Graveyard". This tells plenty of the authority brought by age. The graveyard has stood on the same place since the first years of the city, and the old tombstones and crypts are preserved strangely well. Myths and fairy tales envelop the graveyard in a mist of secrecy, and folklore tells of ghosts and hauntings.

Quests at this locale: Old Graveyard of Redford


Redford is surrounded on all sides by miles after miles of fields: wheat, barley, vegetables, animal farming, apiaries, you name it. The nickname "bread-basket of the West" is well-earned. Another interesting feature of Redford's surroundings are the many mansions and estates, both modest and extravagantly large, that mark the landscape. The nobles of Redford almost invariably have a dwelling in the city proper (almost always in Old Town), but the hot summer months are better spent outside the bustle of the city.

Quests at this locale: Honey Pottery and Alchemy Chambers

Skills & Professionals

The city of Redford is a promised land
for artisans and craftsmen of all kinds.

Redford is a trade center, and a wealthy one at that. This means the shops and marketplaces of the city offer a wide variety of wares for the adventurous customer, and the many experts and scholars are very willing to impart knowledge for a price. The following goods, items and services are available for purchase in Redford. In addition, people skilled in socializing and locating goods can find rarities in specialist shops.

All weapons, armor and shields, as well as many pieces of adventuring gear are available in masterwork quality, but this must be mentioned to the merchant beforehand since few keep such items in stock.


  • Appraise (up to DC 30)
  • Craft (any that seem sensible; up to DC 25)
  • Decipher Script (up to DC 25)
  • Forgery (up to DC 30)
  • Handle Animal (up to DC 20)
  • Heal (up to DC 25)
  • Knowledge (arcana, architecture and engineering, geography, history, local up to DC 25; dungeoneering, nature, the planes up to DC 20; nobility and royalty, religion up to DC 30)
  • Perform (up to DC 25)
  • Profession (any that seem sensible; up to DC 25)
  • Spellcraft (up to DC 25)

Redford houses a plethora of skilled professionals, scholars, scientists and diviners (especially dunner diviners), most of whom are located in the better part of the second circle. Buying a skill check costs DC x 5 gp (rounded down) or 50 gp, whichever is higher. Skills that cannot be used untrained cost twice this amount. These skills can be "bought" from Redford, although for check DCs of 20 and above, a Gather Information check of the same DC is required to locate a proper professional.


The surroundings of Redford are dangerous, and weapons of many types are both common and necessary. However, open display of weaponry is frowned upon. Most of the weapons sold in Redford are designed for Medium characters, but the occasional dunner and goblin smiths mean that Small weapons are available as well, if harder to find.


Expensive armor is a sign of prosperity, and most wealthy folk (especially dwarves) openly wear armor. Only Medium-sized armor is sold as is; other sizes have to be forged especially for the customer.

Goods and Services

The gate entrance toll is 2 sp, or free to citizens and high-ranking members of known affiliations. Leaving the city is free.


A DC 15 Gather Information check makes the following items and services available:

A DC 25 Gather Information check makes the following items and services available:

For those with access to the Den of Thieves and who are brave enough to try trading in that place of thieves and murderers, the following poisons are available:

Examples of Townsfolk

What follows is a list of random personalities and characters that one can bump into and associate with in and around Redford. No stat blocks are given, since for the most part they're not meant to be notable NPCs: that's what the fleshed-out NPCs (like the nobles) are for. If you need to play the characters, either wing it or use simple, premade stats (appropriately-leveled, of course).

  • Aaron von Red: A lesser yet enthusiastic noble, Aaron campaigns to return the Council of Redford to its former power. He believes that the sway the Aurites and some individual nobles have will spell doom for the city, and that the Council can be the answer. The Von Red family is known for its bright-red body hair, and Aaron doesn't disappoint: he sports a gargantuan beard, which nonetheless can't hide his even bigger grin. He wears simpler clothes than most nobles, but they are nonetheless of fine make. He laughs easily, drinks a lot (but doesn't seem to get drunk easily) and understand people from all walks of life. He has a habit of saying his mind, which angers some people, but his ability to relate to others makes him well-liked by most. Mechanically: as 4th-level aristocrat.
  • Amber Magdaleine: Amber Magdaleine, also known as Courier Magdaleine, is the Courier of Redford: an old, respected rank in the lines of Redford bureaucracy. She is stern and has a poisonous tongue. She loves to lash out at people with words, although she considers this a game, and never seems to understand why people react negatively. She has massive, eye-magnifying glasses to go with a wiry frame giving her the look of a silver-haired bug. She can most often be found at the courthouse. Mechanically: as 2nd-level expert.
This might be the only person who dares
to oppose Torg "the Fair".
  • "Grandfather" Romeros: While the church of Morran is thought to have no leader, Romeros, often called "Grandfather" by those who look up to him, is the dwarf to go to when you want to get in contact with the church. Romeros is a gruff man and a slow thinker. He takes a while to answer, even to simple questions, and doesn't look straight at people, instead usually concentrating on whatever he's making. And he's always making something: he lives in the Temple of Morran, which is as much a smithy as it is a church, and Romeros is the best in both departments. The only subject that rouses Romeros to anger is Torg Cudean, who he believes is twisting the worship of the titan pantheon into madness– steer clear of him if this happens, since he has a habit of throwing stuff, usually forge hammers or unfinished products from his forge. Mechanically: as 4th-level cleric with the Fire domain.
  • Ludd, Son of Gudd: A legendary figure of Basket countryside, Ludd is an unnaturally stupid hill giant. Some five or six years ago, he wandered from the Tumbling Fells into the Basket area and has wandered there ever since, still quite not understanding that he has left the Fells. Ludd is unnatural in that he doesn't attack people on sight. He finds smaller folk curious, and observes them from afar. He doesn't understand to hide, but that's hardly necessary considering his fearsome size. Ludd wears wolf furs and a stag-skull helmet, which add to his terrifying appearance, but he is actually quite amicable. He speaks nothing but Giant (and that rather poorly), so a translator is necessary when dealing with him. If someone wants to make their way to the Fells, they can attempt to communicate with Ludd and maybe give him a reason to show them the way. Mechanically: as hill giant.
  • Herman Marens: Herman is a young, overenthusiastic servant of the sheriff's office, and the only permanent member of Lucas Hayworth's crew. Herman is a slightly stocky dunner, a Basket man to the bone. His family is from the western farmsteads, but his love for Sheriff Hayworth made him run away from home and move to the city proper. The sheriff, not a big fan of working with others, tried to shoo him away but Herman persevered and was finally allowed to work as an errand boy. He has a habit of gushing about the wisdom and importance of the Hayworth family, and the poor budget of the sheriff's office means he has an oversized, comical armor. Those who want to dealt with the sheriff can achieve this through Herman. Mechanically: as 3rd-level fighter.
  • Kirill bin Alejo: Goliaths are thought to be wonderful hunters and warriors, but rarely are they associated with the arcane arts. Nonetheless, Kirill bin Alejo, a goliath originally from the twin cities of Irid and Eros, has mastered the Word and the Law and seeks to pursue his training further using the resources of the Redford Library. Kirill is an excessively kind man, and assumes everyone is his friend; perhaps he is overcompensating for his bestial looks. Kirill has canines that are far bigger than even a normal goliath, which jut from his mouth. This makes it hard for him to be articulate, which in turn hinders his spellcasting. Kirill wears fancy clothes, but has little style. He enjoys a good hat, a full pipe, and the occasional game of chess. Mechanically: as 7th-level wizard specializing in transmutation.
  • Lilov: Some people make their vocation their hobby, but Lilov has turned hers into an obsession. She is the owner of a curiosities store (in a city where a working clock counts as a curiosity). She obsessively tries to peddle her wares to anyone who makes the mistake of crossing the threshold. She's the leading expert in the who's who of the business side of things in Redford, although you might have to buy something to get a word in edgewise. Her chin is pierced with telltale descending links of gold, and her scalp is shaved bald, which isn't uncommon for goblin women. Lilov can also provide people with information about the goblin part of society in Redford. Mechanically: as 3rd-level expert.
  • Rabi the Rat: The streets of northern Redford are hard: there are few orphanages (and those few use the children as a source of free labor), and the only other options are the churches (if you like stale bread and preaching, or in the case of the Aurites, indoctrination) or the streets. Rabi chose the latter. He has lived to the age of 14 as a thief, a con man and an information peddler for the many factions of the city. On the surface Rabi seems confident, cocksure, and mean but in reality he has been hurt by the world and has built up defenses against being hurt again. Rabi can be interacted with on the streets or while he's once again briefly jailed at the sheriff's office. His smudged little face is more handsome than you'd expect, which he uses to his advantage, and he steals clothes whenever he can. Thus, his attire is erratic. Usually when met he has some new interesting article of clothing. Mechanically: as 1st-level rogue.
  • Salli von Gutherberg: While she is nowhere near as nasty as some of her relatives, Salli is still a decidedly unlikable person. She distances herself from the rest of her family for obvious reasons, but nonetheless demands to be treated like a high-ranking noble. She wears incredible amounts of jewelry, but her clothing is often scant and see-through. While she can't be thought of as clever or worldly, Salli is a well of knowledge when it comes to nobility rumor in Redford and western Pansaer in general. Thus, she seems to know every single word spoken at a ball in Fort Brunid she never attended, or the faintest symptom of a sexual disease a Brimhaven noble contracted. She never accepts money for the information; "gifts" of expensive wine and lavish attention are acceptable currency instead. Mechanically: as 1st-level aristocrat.
  • Straub of the Fountain: Auri and Morran are the lead gods of the theocratic playing field in Redford, but the other gods have followers as well. One of them is Straub, a cleric of Ahti and a devoted one at that; though being devoted to Ahti means being a trickster and a charlatan. His long billowy robes, which might once have been a deep blue or turquoise, is stained and cut in many places and its sleeves are too long for the small man: they keep slipping over his hands, and he has to constantly pull them back. The most notable feature about him, though, is his eyes: they bulge a good ways from his head and point in different directions, giving him a distinctly fish-like countenance. His expression is stuck in a perpetual, maniacal smile, and he never seems to blink. Mechanically: as 3rd-level cleric with the Trickery domain.

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