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Temple of the Rising[edit]

Intended for four level 7-9 adventurers.

Since the quest takes place in a massive church that's very clearly and singularly devoted to a Sun-flavored god, the Temple of the Rising quest can take place only in an area with a religion large enough to support the church and its following. The religion must also be willing/inclined to support flagellation, fanaticism, single-minded devotion and slaying of intelligent beings.

The strong Pansaerian flavor of the quest and the Years of Gold encounters, creatures and gameplay make the quest hard to integrate to a non-Pansaer setting, but it's not impossible at all. The core of the quest can be used in a variety of settings, along with the battle maps. The creature profiles and themes can be harder to adapt, however, so remember to check them over.

  • Prep Time 30 min
  • Play Time 1 to 4 hours


The beautiful corridors of the church
hide a wicked secret..

The Temple of the Rising can be played in two ways: either as a long dungeon crawl-esque piece where the characters rush through the church to save kidnapped people and defeat Torg Cudean; or as a stealth-based mission, where the characters (or even just a portion of them) sneak around the temple to achieve some goal. The mood of the first version should be hectic, scary and twisted, while the mood of the second version should be threatening, oppressive and depressing.


All of Torg Cudean's plans and operations are concentrated in the Temple of the Rising, which is the headquarters of the religion (also known as Temple of the Rising) devoted to Auri. Many poorer folk are part of the church, so its history and daily goings-on are elemental to life in Redford and in the Basket area. A plethora of quests in the quest line should have been completed before this one to establish the church and the High Minister.


  • The Aurites capture the heads of several noble families, all of whom the players must save (works well with aforementioned dungeon crawl approach)
  • High Minister Cudean is preparing a weapon of mass destruction with divine energies, which must be destroyed or stolen (works well with aforementioned stealth approach)
  • Lucas Hayworth, the sheriff of Redford and the symbol of the city's independence, is kidnapped and must be saved before he is broken with torture (works well with both approaches)


The quest consists of just the infiltration of the Temple of the Rising. How this plays out, however, depends on how the Dungeon Master and the players want to approach the situation. What follows are two versions of the quest: the direct approach one, with battle maps and descriptions of encounters; and a stealth one that uses the maps from version one and explains about patrol routes, other entrances and moving about sneakily.


Version One: Dungeon Crawl[edit]

Temple of the Rising.png

When taking the dungeon crawl approach to the quest, the players are expected to enter the Temple of the Rising through the front door, move through the church in railroad fashion, fight through several encounters and finally face Torg and his Judgmental Retinue. Adapt the quest as needed, but the quest should basically play out as it is described here.

The ultimate battle of the quest, the fight with Torg and his Judgmental Retinue and the subsequent fight with their ascended forms, is the last fight of the Temple of the Rising as well as the campaign its a part of, and should be treated as such. The Dungeon Master can have the fight happen wherever he or she chooses, but a few suggestions are The Retinue's Chambers or Torg's Chamber (if you intend to have a hostage in Torg's room that the players are supposed to save as the hook), The Blessings' Hall (cool setting, fight harder than normal thanks to flagellants), or the Sun-Hall of Auri (especially good after the players have finished their plot objectives and are trying to get out).

NOTE: Whenever coordinates are present, alphabets are vertical and numbers are horizontal.

A - The First Floor (EL varies)[edit]

The first floor of the Temple of the Rising is the one people are most familiar with: the sun-hall is commonly used for great gatherings and sermons, as well as the choir performances of Torg and his Judgmental Retinue. During the day or times of strife (as is the case when taking this version of the quest), the first floor is patrolled by two groups consisting of two clerical bodyguards and two priests (EL 5), as well as a group consisting of three knights of Auri (EL 6). The groups may be met in any of the rooms at the Dungeon Master's discretion.

The groups that patrol the first floor fight cleverly and fiercely, and they never flee, thanks to their fanaticism. Since they know the layout of the Temple of the Rising, they can and will use the rooms and features to their benefit, often call out to other groups for help and generally cause a great deal of trouble for unprepared players.

A1 - The Sun-Hall of Auri[edit]

The vastness of the room before your presses down on you like a weight. The stones of the floor are finely cut, the walls filled with intricate murals and decorations, the doors are of carved yew - this hall is a place of affluence and splendor. Your eyes are immediately drawn to the beautiful sun symbol that dominates the floor in the middle of the room, and the raised platform of cool stone on top of it. The north wall contains a curtain of deep crimson, and several simple benches are pushed against the walls. Statues by the door hold plates for alms.

50ft.-by-50ft. room with a 40ft.-by-15ft. entry, 30ft. tall, all doors unlocked. A 20ft.-by-20ft. platform in middle, 5ft. high with stone stairs all around. Two statues (entry B1-C2, entry B7-C8) with plates of assorted alms (10d10 gp each). Red curtain blessed by Auri; a non-priest going through is struck by lighting and pushed back (4d6 electricity damage, no save).

A2 - Golden Pool[edit]

The main hall might have been magnificent but it doesn't hold a candle to the wonder of this room. In the middle, a pool of gold-sheened water slowly ebbs, pulsating with power. Sun decor adorns every nook and crevice, and tapestries of superb design line the walls, declaring the history of the church of Auri in Redford.

50ft.-by-30ft. room, 25ft. tall. Pool with descending stairs, 5ft. at the deepest; while in the water, a living creature has fast healing 1.

A3 - Hallway[edit]

The hallway here is simple and rustic but comfy enough. The soft whispers of far-off prayer surround you from every direction.

Doors to the storage, Room of Ponder and kennel locked (hardness 5, 15 hp; Open Lock DC 20 to open, Strength DC 18 to burst), other doors open.

A4 - Cleric Bedchamber[edit]

A bedchamber fashioned to the style of the rest of the church. Five clean beds, a few chairs, an armoire and a heavy-set chest are the only furniture in the room.

15ft.-by-30ft. room, 10ft. tall. Five beds and two chairs, an unlocked armoir (A2) with clerical garbs and prayer books in it, an unlocked chest (B1) with 1d6 light maces, a pouch of silver (50 gp) and a sun disc of magic vestment (caster level 5th).

A5 - Chapel[edit]

As the thick door closes behind you, the murmur and sound of the temple disappear: you're alone with your thoughts. This chapel is obviously meant for the occasional cleric who needs a moment of forethought and prayer alone. The red carpet is soft and thick under your feet, and the warm, dying glow of the embers in the braziers lights the room with a soft red light.

15ft.-by-15ft. room, 10ft. tall. Two braziers and an altar.

A6 - Kennel Foreroom[edit]

The smell of feces and wet fur permeates this room wall to wall. The snarl of angry hounds echoes harshly on the flagstones and wooden beams. While there are worse places to be at, this is not one of the nicest either.

15ft.-by-20ft. room, 10ft. high. Row of steel bars, a set of which (B3) slide up (DC 25 Search check to discover, Strength DC 10 to slide). Crate (D1) containing foodstuff for dogs: dried pigskin, chow and bones. Barrels (A1) filled with water.

A7 - Kennel (EL 7)[edit]

A dog pit. Judging by the terrible condition the kennel is in, the Aurites have a lot less empathy for canines than they have for people. The water in the trough is stagnant and stinks, and uncleaned waste litters the corners. The dogs look vicious and bloodhungry. An priest of apparently lower hierarchy is sweeping the floor, and the dogs seem to avoid him.

15ft.-by-30ft. room, 10ft. high. A through of water (D3-F3). Water gangway (F3) that leads to a gloomy district behind the church (Escape Artist DC 15 to fit through). A priest sweeping the floor. Ten attack dogs (treat as wolves) kept in poor conditions, attack if characters enter or if the priest opens the steel bars.

The dogs swarm foes with no clear strategy - while they are trained, they're trained more in the sense that they're too scared to attack their masters and take out their frustration on foes instead. The priest pellets foes with his spells as normal.

A8 - Storage Room[edit]

A cupboard-like little storage with hardened clay floor and no light. Moss clings to the stone walls, and the room is quiet, except for the occasional rustle of a fat rat. Barrels and crude chests make up for furniture.

15ft.-by-20ft. room, 10ft. high. Two chests locked (D1; hardness 5, 5 hp; Open Lock DC 21 to open, Strength DC 18 to burst) containing priestly robes, two large censer-flails (heavy flails with incense holders and -1 to attack rolls), four pouches of expensive incense (25 gp each) and an oil lamp. Barrels (A1-A3, B3) containing stale bread, dried meat, leathery apples and oranges and short staffs.

A9 - Room of Ponder[edit]

The small silver plaque on the door claims this is the Room of Ponder, but the inside is far from meditative and peaceful. The roof is low and curved at the edges, so that a tall man can't stand straight. Wrought-iron chains hang from bloodstained walls, and scratch marks, apparently made by human nails, criss-cross the floor in an unpleasant manner. In the middle of the room there is a simple wooden chair, facing the mirror with a perfect silvery sheen - it looks like it doesn't belong in a hellhole like this.

10ft.-by-15ft. room, 6ft. high. Chains on walls, chair and mirror (B2). If a character studies the mirror closely, that character must survive a DC 18 Will save or be affected by the entrancing magic of the mirror: the characters takes 1 point of Charisma damage and is unable to turn his eyes from the mirror without a DC (18 + 2 for each time that character has failed a saving throw before) Will save or outside help. The trance remains until the character leaves the Room of Ponder.

A10 - Hallway[edit]

The hallway here is simple and rustic but comfy enough. The soft whispers of far-off prayer surround you from every direction.

Door to the weapon storage locked (hardness 5, 15 hp; Open Lock DC 20 to open, Strength DC 18 to burst), other doors open.

A11 - Weapon Storage[edit]

What business does a weapon storage have in a peaceful temple? Axes, swords, bows and spears of all shapes and sizes hang from racks, and there's even a gargantuan battering ram propped against the back wall. The sharp smell of steel and gunpowder stings your nose.

15ft.-by-25ft. room, 10ft. high. Battering ram (B1-E1), a +1 breastplate on a training dummy (A1) and two weapon racks with an assortment of cheap weapons.

A12 - Library (EL 8)[edit]

More than just decor.

The stench of both dry and rotting parchment mixes in the air and makes you gag for air. The library is clean, but the books are obviously not - that, or they're extremely old. The room is mostly empty aside from the bookshelves and a small chandelier on the ceiling. The gorgeous stained glass windows take your mind away from the otherwise rather dreary room.

15ft.-by-30ft. room, 10ft. high. Various ancient books, parchments and scrolls on the bookshelves (A3, D1 and F3 each contain a volume of worth; Search DC 30 to locate, Knowledge (history or religion) DC 15 to specify; 200 gp each). The three stained glass windows on the western wall are stained glass golemsMM2 (Spot DC 20 to notice) that attack the characters if they try the remove a book without the password ("Memento Peli").

The golems, fashioned into a caricature likeness of Auri, mindlessly wail at the person who took the book from the shelf, mostly ignoring others except those who attack them. If that character is out cold, the golems keep guard over the body and only attack those that attack them or try to remove the culprit from the scene of the crime.

A13 and A14 - Southern and Nothern Barracks[edit]

This room has a much more militant air than other rooms in the temple. Everything here is clean, sharp and set, and there's a lot less religious paraphernalia here than elsewhere. Double beds are pushed against the far wall, with a large wardrobe pressed against the southern wall.

15ft.-by-20ft. room, 10ft. high. Two bunk beds, a large wardrobe (D1-2) with 1d3 of various light and medium armors.

A15 - Knight Bedchamber[edit]

The simple architecture of this room plays nicely with the beautiful, yet simple religious designs on the various tapestries and the carpet on the floor. This is the dwell of religious, yet sensible men.

15ft.-by-20ft. room, 10ft. high. Three beds and a coat rack, a large unlocked chest (D1) with several Aurite scrolls and books as well as two sunrods in it. Western doorway covered with a cloth adorned with a sun design.

A16 - Bath[edit]

It seems you've stumbled upon one of the few personal luxuries in the temple: a pleasant, if rather simple, bathhouse. Stone stairs in the water gently slope into the deeper pool, and a pipe with a lion's head design sticks out of the northern wall: apparently for filling the pool with water.

15ft.-by-20ft. room, 10ft. high, water 4ft. deep at the deepest. A coat rack, an iron pulley in north wall (A3) which fills and empties the pool; completely filling the pool takes 30 minutes and completely emptying the pool takes 5 minutes.

B - The Second Floor (EL varies)[edit]

This is the place where the twisted morales of the church is the most apparent, with the torture chamber, the Blessings' Device and the eerie rooms of the Retinue and Torg himself. The floor is patrolled by a group consisting of two priests and a minister (EL 6), a group consisting of a clerical bodyguard, a minister and four attack dogs (EL 6), and a group consisting of a minister and a stained glass golemMM2. The groups may be met in any of the rooms at the Dungeon Master's discretion.

As with the first floor, the groups are fanatical and relentless, and use the churches features to their benefit. Again, they attempt to contact other groups for support. The minister who patrols with the stained glass golem uses mending to heal his companion.

B1 - Hallway[edit]

This hallway is far more grandiose than those downstairs. Sun icons and intricate designs surround you from every direction. The drone of prayer, however, is as strong as ever, although every now and then you can hear a strange, sharp crack - a whip?

Doors to the B4, B6, B7, B8 and B10 locked (hardness 5, 15 hp; Open Lock DC 20 to open, Strength DC 18 to burst), other doors open. Partition to Blessings' Hall trapped (searing light at caster level 5th at first to enter; Search DC 25 to notice, dispel magic (DC 15) or similar effect to disarm). A beautiful glass ceiling window in the middle of the building. Two secret panels (Search DC 20 to locate) near the ceiling window, with ladders behind them to the top of the temple.

B2 - Sunlit Abbey[edit]

Through some clever trick or design, apparent sunlight bathes this room in a golden glow at all times. Massive benches face a podium, next to which a gargantuan marble statue looms over the scene. You faintly recognize the statue as a saint of Auri, or something to that effect.

15ft.-by-25ft. room with a 5ft.-by-10ft. alcove in the southwestern corner, 10ft. high. Room lit continuously by magical sunlight. Four rows of benches, a podium (D3-E3) with a hidden compartment (Search DC 26 to locate) containing a finely-cut yellow topaz (worth 150 gp). A massive statue (alcove A1-B1 and D1-E1) depicting Saint Obethiath of the Church of Auri.

B3 - Lounge[edit]

The huge clash that the style of this room bears with the style of others you've seen in the temple signals that it's probably used for meetings and socializing with visitors. A bearskin rug covers the dusty planks of the floor, two shoddy sofas serve as furniture, and a few bookshelves and a coat rack serve (barely) as entertainment. The lounge seems to have fallen out of use.

25ft.-by-20ft. room, 10ft. high. Two sofas (A5-D5), two bookshelves and a coat rack.

B4 - Conference and Dining Chamber[edit]

Well well, this looks official. The room has little in the way of decoration, save two rather simple paintings on either end of the room. Most of the room is dominated by two long tables, sided by rows of simple chairs in orderly fashion. Some discarded plates suggest the room is used as a dining hall, while forgotten paperwork hint at conference use.

25ft.-by-20ft. room, 10ft. high. Two massive dining tables (B2-5 and C2-5) with chairs for up to twenty persons.

B5 - Corpse Chamber[edit]

By gods, the stench! To your horror you spot nothing in this room but piles upon piles of corpses in various states of decay: fresh ones on top, but on the very bottom you spot a few nigh-skeletonized forms. The usual flagstone or plank floor of the temple is missing here; instead, the floor is hardened clay. The ceiling is uncomfortably low.

15ft.-by-15ft. room, 5ft. high. A mass of corpses (A1-3), heavily infected with filth fever (Fortitude DC 12, incubation period 1d3 days, damage 1d3 Dex and 1d3 Con).

B6 - Disposal Room[edit]

The dark and gloom that hangs on this room feels almost supernatural in its circumambience. The floor is dominated by a massive human-shaped design - almost like a rune of some sort. The only other thing in the room is a collection of blue vials, all containing a light-blue liquid of some sort. Strangely, the room smells heavily of decay.

20ft.-by-15ft. room, 10ft. high. Vitruvian rune in the middle of the room, several flasks of dissolvent (as acid). When a corpse is placed on the rune, it accelerates the decay process to tenfold. Creatures also age ten times as fast on the rune.

B7 - Smithy (EL 6)[edit]

Heat blasts your face the second you open the door. This has to be a blacksmith's shoppe of some sort. The eastern side of the room is taken up by a large triple furnace with several anvils and weapon-casts next to it. The room also has a barrel of water, a rough table with some stools, and for some reason a coal-black cauldron.

30ft.-by-15ft. room, 10ft. high. Table with stools, a cauldron (C3), three openings to a massive furnace (A5-6, B5-6, C5-6). A red-hot +1 longsword in the furnace; if messed with, a pack of eight ash ratsMM2 attack from the furnace.

The rats are provoked only by messing with the furnace - as such, they bear no ill will towards anyone. They attack swiftly, target those closest to the forge they call home, and quickly flee to the furnace to heal, after which they continue the assault. The only person they don't attack is the smith, whom they adore (and who isn't on scene).

B8 - Training Room[edit]

A training room seems rather out-of-place in a temple, yet here you are. Everything in the room is in pristine condition, except the targets, which have clearly seen more than a few practice shots. The place is obviously in heavy use.

30ft.-by-25ft. room, 10ft. high. Three practice dummies (B3, C4, D2) with flails for arms, an armor rack (A1) with a banded mail on, several archery targets on the eastern wall. If a password ("Memento Peli") isn't spoken upon entrance, the three dummies start spinning rapidly with their arm-flails as soon as someone steps next to them, inflicting 1d10+2 damage (Reflex DC 18 half) to everyone on an adjacent square.

B9 - The Retinue's Chambers[edit]

The chanting of the temple is muted here, thanks to either sturdy architecture or some magical trick. The room itself is sharply divided between the bed areas in it: the two beds right from the door unkempt, yet in a strange mirroring - as if the inhabitants shared a mind; the bed directly from the door faultless, yet in a deranged, obsessive manner; and the massive cot in the farthest corner simple and blemishless, as well as surrounded by - rather eerily - dolls and other toys.

30ft.-by-15ft. room with a 20ft.-by-10ft. alcove in the southern wall, 10ft. high. The beds of the Paired Jury (A1-B1, A3-B3) with an armoire between, filled with two each of clay mugs, waterskins, simple clothing, hempen sacks and daggers, all neatly arranged in a mirror image. The Executioner's bed (alcove A1-2, B1-2) with several toys and dolls on, under and around it. The Judge's bed (B6-C6) with a small locked chest (hardness 5, 5 hp; Open Lock DC 21 to open, Strength DC 18 to burst) under, containing simple clothing, four clay pots of facial salve, two potions of cure moderate wounds, a masterwork short sword and a wooden symbol of Auri. A weapon rack with the weapons of the Retinue in place whenever not in use (which is rarely).

B10 - Room of Golden Knowledge[edit]

You are very nearly blinded as you open the door: the floor of this chamber is gilded. Each section is a clearly raised miniature platform - the floor consists of twenty such platforms. Clashing with the grandeur of the floor are the two roughly-hewn stone statues mounted on the walls near the ceiling, as well as the strange, heavy feeling that permeates the room.

20ft.-by-25ft. room, 10ft. high. The room is affected permanently by a strange spell that keeps those in it clinging to the floor: running, jumping, climbing and all kinds of aerial movement are impossible. If a person enters the room airborne, he's quickly yanked to the floor, taking 2d6 damage. Each platform in the room is actually a switch: those who wish to pass have to navigate a certain layout or be struck by the golden gaze (searing light, caster level 10th) of the statues. One such gaze is sent for each switch wrongly triggered; the wrong switches are B1-3 and D2-4.

B11 - Torg's Chamber[edit]

Stale dust kicks up as you enter the cold chamber ahead of you, making you cough. This crude chamber seems rather anti-climatic compared to the amazing hallways and accommodations before it. In the far end of the dready place there is a rough rug, and nothing more.

20ft.-by-35ft. room with a 30ft.-by-10ft. alcove in the southwestern corner, 10ft. high. A simple rug (B3) that serves as bedding for Torg Cudean, with the High Minister's Keys under it. The secret passage to the Retinue's chambers can only be opened from this side.

B12 - Blessings' Hall (EL 7)[edit]

The noise of wicked machinery strains your ears as you set your eyes upon a dreadful sight: a torture room, filled with machines and instruments that chill your blood. The floor on the sides is lowered, leading to grates that hide mangled, but apparently still living humans. Right before you lies a gargantuan machine of wheels and cogs. It glows with a sinister blue light.

25ft.-by-40ft. room, 10ft. high on raised platform, 20ft. high on lowered platform. Five grates hidden in both lowered platforms, 3ft. deep. The lowered platforms contain ten flagellants. Three tables (A2-B2, C4-D4, E2-F2) with knives and torture devices on them. The Blessings' Device (H3) that grants the necessary knowledge to navigate the Room of Golden Knowledge, after a "test of character".

The flagellants are madmen who believe self-mutilation is the way to divine understanding. They maim themselves in the Blessings' Hall, serving a secondary purpose as a first line of defense against intruders. They instantly swarm to the walkway, seeking to attack foes without any thought for their well-being. They are lunatics, and as such, have no strategy.

When the Blessings' Device is operated, the machine telepathically asks with a metallic voice: "A MAN OF BRAWN [Strength and Constitution] BRAIN [Intelligence and Wisdom] OR BRASS [Dexterity and Charisma]?" If answered, the machine deals 1d6+3 damage to both chosen ability scores. If an ability score isn't reduced to 0 this way, the steely voice speaks again:


B13 - Jail[edit]

By now you've grown used to the strange, nonreligious things in the temple, so you're not too surprised to find a block of jail cells. The air is dank and reeks of old urine and hay.

Five 10ft.-by-15ft. cells and two 10ft.-by-5ft. storages with a 5ft.-by-50ft. corrider joining them, 10ft. high. All cell and storage doors locked (hardness 10, 22 hp; Open Lock DC 25 to open, Strength DC 21 to burst), A few beggars, sorcerers, religious fanatics (non-Aurite) and commoners in cells. The two southernmost cells contain the nobles who've been captured (if the plot hook states so). An armoire in the end of each storage, the western one containing dried foodstuffs, several wooden clubs, a large urn of watered beer and a whip, and the eastern one containing a number of poor-condition mugs and plates, moldy bread, a bag of 6d6 gold coins and a set of masterwork thieves tools.

The nobles are thankful to their saviors, but are very malnourished and tired, and thus not in the best of moods. They'll happily tell everything they know about the Temple of the Rising: mostly, about the torture room and the Blessings' Device. If attacked, they protect themselves however feebly, trying to break away from the fight and flee if at all possible.

B14 - Weapon Storage[edit]

A small cupboard-like storage room for weapons, clearly for use in the training room. As you check your surroundings, a large, onyx-black beetle shuffles restlessly on a nearby barrel.

10ft.-by-10ft. room, 10ft. high. A rack of weapons propped against a wall, with mostly longspears and halberds in it. A Search DC 30 check notes the silvery gleam of a +1 alchemical silver halberd on the rack. A barrel of arrows and bolts (B1).

C - The Third Floor (EL 5)[edit]

The roof is more important in the stealthy approach to the quest, but may be visited nonetheless. It has a group of six clerical bodyguards watching over it.

C1 - The Roof[edit]

The golden glow of the setting sun paints the city with a beautiful glow, unlike anything you've seen before. Considering what a dump the town can be when viewed from the streets, it definitely is a glorious sight from above. Fleetingly, you pity the birds for their wings.

110ft.-by-70ft. open. A beautiful glass window (E11-F12) leading to the second floor of the temple.

Version Two: Stealth Mission[edit]

An indirect approach can yield good results.

The stealth version of the quest works like the dungeon crawl version in many ways: the layout of the church doesn't change, the same groups and encounters inhabit the building, and the special features of the church remain the same. While a stealth mission can be based around saving a kidnapped noble or similar hook, it works best with the aforementioned weapon of mass destruction hook. Any object of worth to Torg works as well, such as his golden holy symbol, which is the symbol of the church and without which the followers will be disheartened.

Sneaking one's way through the church is made harder by the groups of priests and other folk that patrol the hallways, and consists of hiding in empty rooms and using Hide and Move Silently to avoid opposition. The traps also create a challenge, as they make sound when triggered, and will both attract guards and increase suspicion.

Getting into the Temple of the Rising is more interesting in a stealthy version of the quest than in a straight-up dungeon crawl. The players can use the front door (unadvised, as it's always guarded), the water hole in the kennel, the stained glass windows of the first floor (lead to A3, A10 and A12; the second floor doesn't have windows) and the roof (guarded, but the guards may be caught off-guard).

A stealth mission version of the quest doesn't necessarily (and perhaps even shouldn't) end in the ultimate showdown between the players and Torg, seeing as such a showdown would hardly be stealthy. Instead, the Dungeon Master can have Torg go berserk over the theft of church property/release of prisoners/whatever plot hook you used, and come after the players. Challenging them to combat in the Sun-Hall of Auri is also an option.

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