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Brew Unstable Potion [Item Creation, Equipment, Class, Magical, Arcane, Divine]

You've learned to mix multiple potions together to create something unique and very powerful.
Benefit: You can create a potion of any 9th-level or lower spell, regardless of target. This however, is a very unstable process and most potions made in this manner do not have a long shelf life. In order to create the potion, you must succeed at a Craft (alchemy) check (DC 15 + the total of all spell levels). You may not take 10 or take 20 on this check. Failure indicates the components are wasted and the potion is inert. However, in some cases the effects are wildly different. Each potion below explains the effects. Success indicates that the potion is created, but only lasts a number of days equal to 1 + the value of the success (a roll of 4 or higher than the DC means the potion lasts for 5 days before becoming inert). The duration of the potion’s effect however is set. Otherwise, this feat follows the guidelines of Brew Potion, doubling all gp costs.
Special: The DM always makes the Craft (alchemy) check in secret. The effects of a failed check are listed with the potions. The DM may wish to impose a critical failure if the caster fails his Craft (alchemy) check by more than 10, or if he rolls a natural 1. A critical failure causes the failed check result, plus an effect from the mishap chart.
Table: Unstable Potion Mishap
1d20 Mishap
1 Drinker assumes gaseous form for 2d6 hours.
2 Drinker becomes confused confused for 1 hour.
3 Drinker is consumed with uncontrollable, insatiable hunger or thirst for 1d4 hours.
4 Drinker becomes dazed for 1d4 hours.
5 Drinker is deafened for 3d4 hours.
6 Drinker becomes incorporeal for 1d4 hours.
7 Drinker becomes paralyzed for 2d12 hours.
8 Drinker falls asleep for 2d8 hours.
9 Drinker ingests random poison.
10 Drinker loses all body hair. -2 Charisma until hair returns.
11 Drinker loses 1d4 hit points, permanently.
12 Drinker nauseated for 2d6 hours.
13 Drinker is rendered mute for 2d4 days.
14 Drinker sickened for 2d4 hours.
15 Drinker is struck blind for 2d12 hours.
16 Drinker is struct with a maximized ray of enfeeblement (as 9th level caster).
17 Drinker suffers Light Blindness for 2d6 days.
18 Drinker is turned to stone. No save.
19 Drinker's alignment shifts two places, randomly chosen by DM. Effect is permanent.
20 Drinker's touch comes the Rust supernatural ability for 2d4 days.

Unstable Potions

Below is a list of unstable potions. Each produces a unique effect. The caster and DM should work out a system for developing new unstable potions beyond what is listed here. The duration of the effects of these potions are listed after each one, including effects for making the potion improperly.

Amphibian (DC 25)

Ingredients: potion of bear's endurance, grease, polymorph, water breathing
Duration: Permanent
Effect: The user grows gills in the neck, making him capable of breathing underwater.
Failure The user grows gills and can breathe underwater, but becomes incapable of breathing air.

Angel Wings (DC 25)

Ingredients: potion of Alter self, feather fall, fly, polymorph
Duration: Permanent
Effect: User grows wings and gains the ability to fly at a speed of 30 ft. (good maneuverability).
Failure The user grows wings, but is unable to fly.

Beacon (DC 23)

Ingredients: potion of arcane mark, locate creature, scrying
Duration: Permanent
Effect: When the potion is consumed, the drinker's location is always known to the creator of the potion.

Cat's Eyes (DC 23)

Ingredients: potion of arcane eye, cat's grace, darkvision
Duration: Permanent
Effect: User gains darkvision 90 ft.
Failure User has night blindness and loses his low-light vision (if applicable).

Celestial Companion (DC 25)

Ingredients: potion of arcane mark, remove curse, planar binding
Duration: Permanent
Effect: When given to a familiar, the familiar adopts the celestial archetype for that animal.
Failure The familiar becomes a vampire and is no longer your familiar. Follow the rules for losing a familiar.

Clone (DC 32)

Ingredients: potion of clone, ethereal jaunt, owl's wisdom
Duration: Permanent.
Effect: The brewer of this potion is the only person who can drink it. He must share the dose with one of his clones in order for it to take effect. As a standard action, the user can transfer his mind to that inert clone. The original body falls into an inert state, much like the clone spell. This transfer can take place numerous times, so long as the original body and the clone are alive. If either body dies, the user remains in the other body, suffering 1d6 points of temporary Wisdom damage.
Failure The mind of the brewer becomes trapped in the body of a clone, unable to wake.

Fiendish Companion (DC 25)

Ingredients: potion of arcane mark, dominate animal, greater shadow conjuration
Duration: Permanent
Effect: When given to a familiar, the familiar adopts the fiendish archetype for that animal.
Failure The familiar becomes a vampire and is no longer your familiar. Follow the rules for losing a familiar.

Golem (DC 28)

Ingredients: potion of animate dead, arcane mark, bear's endurance, raise dead, reincarnate, plus one drop of blood
Duration: Permanent
Effect: When given to a dead creature, the creature comes back to life as a golem or homunculus, under the control of the person whose blood was used in the creation of this potion. The target gains the construct trait and loses his Intelligence score. Follow the rules for constructs.
Failure Creature awakens as a golem, attacking the person administering the potion.

Goodwater (DC 35)

Ingredients: potion of commune, heal, miracle
Duration: Permanent
Effect: User is restored to perfect health. All hit points are returned, all lost ability score points are restored, and all diseases (magical and mundane), conditions, afflictions and curses are removed. If given to a dead creature, the creature returns to life in 2d6 rounds, fully healed.
Failure User dies instantly, per the spell finger of death. There is no saving throw.

Growth (DC 30)

Ingredients: potion of enlarge person, polymorph
Duration: 1 min/level
Effect: User (and all his belongings) becomes 3 size classes larger. The user cannot become larger than colossal.
Failure User becomes 3 size classes larger, but his Dexterity is reduced to 1 and his base attack bonus decreases by 6.

Iron Fist (DC 30)

Ingredients: potion of dimension door, heat metal, iron body, reduce person
Duration: 1 week
Effect: Turns the user's dominant hand to iron. This allows the user to store up to 10 levels of spells as a ring of spell storing, major. The metal hand reduces the user's Dexterity by 2. In addition, it gives in a +2 bonus to unarmed attacks. The hand remains iron, even after all stored spells are exhausted.
Failure The hand turns to iron permanently with no spell storing ability.

Iron Mind (DC 34)

Ingredients: potion of crushing despair, eyebite, guards and wards, rage
Duration: 1 year
Effect: User becomes immune to mind-influencing magic.
Failure User suffers a permanent -3 profane penalty to all Will saving throws.

Lessons from the Grave (DC 26)

Ingredients: potion of animate dead, simulacrum
Duration: Permanent
Effect: When this potion is administered to undead with an Intelligence score below 12, it raises their intelligence by 6. Undead with no Intelligence, gain an Intelligence of 10. Undead with an Intelligence score above 12, gain a +2 to their Intelligence. A user may only benefit from one dose of this potion, ever. A potion is considered administered if the entire dose is drunk or exposed to the skin (or bones).
Failure Target's Intelligence is reduced to 1. Undead without an Intelligence score are disintegrated.

Legendary Heroism (DC 28)

Ingredients: potion of bless, contingency, heal
Duration: 1 day
Effect: Should the drinker's hit points ever fall below 50% of his total, he is immediately healed to full hit points. This effect works once and only on the day the potion is consumed.
Failure The drinker's hit points are reduced by 10, permanently. This damage cannot be restored by anything short of a miracle or wish.

Lithe Speed (DC 20)

Ingredients: potion of cat's grace, feather fall, jump, ray of enfeeblement, resistance
Duration: 1 hour/level
Effect: The user's speed increases by 10 ft. In addition, the user gains a 1d6+3 enhancement bonus to Dexterity, but suffers 1d4 points of temporary Strength damage. When the duration expires, the user's Dexterity returns to normal, but his Strength returns at one point per day, unless healed.
Failure User suffers 1d6 points of permanent Strength damage. After 1 year, this damage becomes temporary.

Monk Strike (DC 21)

Ingredients: potion of cat's grace, power word stun, true strike
Duration: 2d6 rounds
Effect: The user gains one level in the monk class, in addition to the Stunning Fist feat. If the user is already a monk, his level goes up by one for the duration of the potion.
Failure User is stunned for 3d6 rounds and suffers 2 points of temporary Dexterity damage.

Shadow Walker (DC 24)

Ingredients: potion of blink, shadow walk
Duration: 10 minutes/level
Effect: User can enter or exit the plane of shadow as a standard action. While in the plane of shadow, the user moves at 5 times normal speed.
Failure User gains light sensitivity, becomes sensitive to sunlight (suffering 1d4+2 damage each hour of exposure), and can be banished or harmed as an outsider. However, the user gains no positive benefit from the outside trait. This effect lasts for 1 day per level of the caster brewing the potion.

Shrinking (DC 19)

Ingredients: potion of reduce person, shrink item
Duration: 1 min/level
Effect: User (and all his belongings) becomes 3 size classes smaller. The user cannot become smaller than Diminutive.
Failure User is permanently reduced to Tiny.

Strong Spirit (DC 25)

Ingredients: potion of contagion, tenser's transformation
Duration: 1 year
Effect: User gains immunity to all disease (magical and mundane).
Failure User's Constitution score drops by 2 permanently.

The Tempest (DC 21)

Ingredients: potion of bless, consecrate, protection from energy
Duration: 1 min/level
Effect: User gains damage resistance 10 for all energy types. In addition, whenever he is struck by an energy source, he heals 5 points of damage per attack as though a cure spell has been cast.
Failure User becomes extremely susceptible to energy attacks and suffers an additional 2d6 points of damage per attack.

Youthmaker (DC 27)

Ingredients: potion of polymorph, temporal stasis
Duration: Permanent
Effect: User regresses in physical age by 2d6 years.
Failure User becomes physically and mentally an infant.

Abomination Potions

Blood of the Forest (DC 30)

Ingredients: potion of barkskin, changestaff, goodberry, polymorph
Duration: Permanent
Effect: User transforms into 21 Hit Dice treant.
Failure User transforms into a 7 Hit Dice treant.

Chill Breath (DC 24)

Ingredients: potion of animate dead, chill touch, gaseous form
Duration: Permanent
Effect: User transforms into a 14 Hit Dice spectre.
Failure User transforms into a 7 Hit Dice spectre.

Clearskin (DC 30)

Ingredients: potion of blur, greater invisibility, polymorph
Duration: Permanent
Effect: User transforms into a 24 Hit Dice invisible stalker.
Failure User transforms into an 8 Hit Dice invisible stalker.

Fecundity (DC 30)

Ingredients: potion of polymorph, shambler
Duration: Permanent
Effect: User transforms into a 24 Hit Dice shambling mound.
Failure User transforms into an 8 Hit Dice shambling mound.

Liquid Life (DC 26)

Ingredients: potion of control water, create water, magic jar
Duration: Permanent
Effect: User transforms into a 24 Hit Dice water elemental.
Failure User transforms into a 4 Hit Dice water elemental.

Stone Such (DC 22)

Ingredients: potion of stone tell, stone to flesh, stoneskin
Duration: Permanent
Effect: User transforms into a 12 Hit Dice gargoyle.
Failure User transforms into a 4 Hit Dice gargoyle.

Unblinking Eye (DC 38)

Ingredients: potion of arcane eye, confusion, eyebite, maze, ray of enfeeblement, ray of exhaustion, ray of frost, polymorph
Duration: Permanent
Effect: User transforms into a 33 Hit Dice floating eyestalk creature that is not part of the SRD.
Failure User transforms into a 6 Hit Dice smaller version of above-said monsters that is a non-SRD secret.

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