Lunar Blast (5e Spell)

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Lunar Blast
3rd-level Evocation
Casting time: 1 action
Range: 150 feet
Components: V, S, M (A moonstone)
Duration: Instantaneous

You hurl a bright silver orb toward a point you can see within range, which bathes the area in a flash of moonlight. Each creature within a 20-foot radius must make a Dexterity saving throw. On a failed save, a target takes 2d8 radiant and 2d8 cold damage, and is considered vulnerable to the damage of the next spell they are harmed by. On a successful save, they take half damage and are not considered vulnerable. Shapeshifters who fail this saving throw instantly revert to their original form.

At Higher Levels. When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 4th level or higher, you deal an additional 1d8 radiant or cold damage for each slot level above 3rd. When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 7th level or higher, the enemy becomes vulnerable to damage from all spells until the end of your next turn.

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