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They say that plant life is probably the first of life we can see. They don't move like insects, and yet they are of life. But if there can be unlife, then maybe there are also flowers of that kind as well...
Illit Rhyzor, lich

Physical Description[edit]

Resembling a reed-like growth amid the tundras of Hagai, lichbane is something like a thin, bone-white rod of grass that is likened to "bones sprouting from the earth." Looking closely, one might notice it has slight sections along the stem, not unlike bamboo. The texture of this plant is largely similar to hollow bird bones or dried out driftwood. It grows pale, white leaves in the shape of long, slender blades. Towards the bottom, lichbane widens into a cluster of thin bulbs resembling thicker knobs of boney material. The root of the plant is said to vaguely resemble coccyx bones. Lichbane grows grey flowers once every decade. These flowers are long and bell shaped, with ten petals. When fully bloomed, these flowers develop pollen pods that hang out from the ovary past the petals. These stamen have yellow anther that can appear like an agonized face if you look very closely. As can be expected, the many motifs of death and ill-omen in this plant make it generally a growth of bad luck.


Survelem is the god of death and undeath in Grisaire. It is said that Survelem created the lichbane from the bones of only the most beautiful of the dead as a present to Darakan'ta. This initial rendition of lichbane was closer to that of bamboo. To Darakan'ta's shock, the branches began to flower with the mourning voices of the dead. She placed these in Hagai, where their moans harmonized with the frigid howls of the tundra winds on cold nights. Illit Rhyzor was said to avoid areas with these flowers for fear he might tread and break them.


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