Implode Poison (5e Spell)

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Implode Poison
2nd-level Conjuration
Casting time: 1 action
Range: 60 feet
Components: V, S, M (a portion of nightshade root)
Duration: Instantaneous

You conjure a strain of poison within a creature you can see within range, which then explodes within the target. The target makes a Constitution saving throw. The target takes 3d8 poison damage on a failed save, or half as much damage on a successful one.

If the target was poisoned, it has disadvantage on the saving throw, and the spell's damage increases by 4d8 for the target.

Constructs and undead are unaffected by this spell.

At Higher Levels. When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 3rd level or higher, the base damage and additional damage against poisoned target each increase by 1d8 for each slot level above 2nd.

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