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Grum's Fix 'em/Hurt 'em
Necromancy cantrip
Casting time: 1 action
Range: Touch
Components: V, S, Drop of blood smeared on target
Duration: Instantaneous

You make a melee spell attack against your target, unless the target is willing and stationary, or incapacitated.

On a hit, you choose to heal the target, or damage the target for 1d4 necrotic.

If target is undead, add +1 damage per d4 cast. The spell has no effect on non-flesh constructs, but works on all undead, whether they have flesh or not.

If healing a target, the caster takes damage equal to the amount healed. The caster cannot heal more Hit Points than they currently have, but by healing the caster can bring themselves down to 0 HP.

If damaging a target, the caster is healed an amount equal to the damage dealt, up to but not above the caster's maximum HP. If the damage is more than the caster's maximum HP, further damage to the target is halved.

The spell's effect increases by 1d4 Necrotic when the caster's total levels (all classes) reach 5th, 11th and 17th. At 5th level the spell heals or harms for (2d4), at 11th level for (3d4), and at 17th level the spell heals and/or harms for (4d4).

The caster cannot use magic resistance to lower the damage that is done to self. The target can use magic resistance if it wishes.

At higher levels: The spell can be cast using spell slots at higher levels, but must be prepared beforehand as if it is a 1st level spell if it is used this way. Casting it with a 1st level spell slot adds +1d4 Necrotic, and an additional 1d4 Necrotic for each higher level spell slot used to cast.

Example use: A 1st level character casting the spell as a cantrip would deal 1d4 damage and healing. If that same character cast it with a 1st level spell slot, it would deal/heal 2d4. but if cast against an Undead it would deal 2d4+2 (+1d4 for the 1st level spell slot, +2 because of the 2d4 in the casting).

1hp worth of fresh blood component allows for 10 castings. This can be from the caster or any other similar being.(Your DM may choose if something happens if foul blood is used.)

Design note[edit]

The spell has been updated recently due to balance. Mainly addressing resistances, and damage at higher level. And for rules clarity. You may use older versions if you like, but I feel this spell is more balanced now

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