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Grand Kingdom
9th-level Conjuration
Casting time: 10 hours
Range: 10 feet
Components: V, S, M (a granite brick, a pouch of rice or wheat grain, a cow's jawbone, a bundle of chicken feathers, a flask of well water, and 750,000 gold pieces which the spell consumes upon first casting)
Duration: Instantaneous

You conjure a portal to a demiplane of existence of your own design. When first cast, you decide whether your demiplane is an extension of the Feywild, the Shadowfell, an Inner Plane, an Outer Plane, or the Outlands. Your demiplane takes up a total of 40 square miles and extends no more than 1 mile vertically. (1 mile into the air, 1 mile below the surface of the ground) At any point of your choosing within your demiplane, you create a permanent structure that will be your private home within the demiplane. This home functions in the same manner as a magnificent mansion, except that your servants are celestials, fey or fiends based on the plane upon which your demiplane anchors and that 3 cubes of your home must be devoted to a throne room. Your demiplane can also contain any 4 of the following amenities of your choice:


You may choose to devote up to 1 square mile of your demiplane to create fertile farmland, which is established upon initial casting. These fields are also required if you wish to build either the Martial Fields or the Stables.


You may choose to devote up to 1 square mile of your demiplane to create a marketplace that can house merchants of any sort you desire. These merchants are often extraplanar peddlers who offer rare and valuable wares, but you may not determine what is in their stock or what their prices are. Those traits are determined by your DM.


You may choose to devote up to 1 square mile of your demiplane to create a grand coliseum in which you and any other warrior of your choosing may test their mettle against illusory doubles of any creature of your choice whose CR does not exceed 20.

Grand Gate

You may choose to devote up to 1 square mile of your demiplane to create a gateway to any plane. The gate for example could lead to the Court of Pandemonium, The Halls of Mount Celestia, or the Summer Court of the Feywild dependent on the initial choice of anchor plane.


You may choose to devote up to 1 square mile of your demiplane to create a quarry in which you can harvest valuable stone/metal. You may select to quarry/mine granite or gold from this facility. Monthly, after distributing from trade, you obtain 20 lbs of gold (or 300 lbs of granite) and 500 platinum pieces.

Martial Fields

You may choose to devote up to 1 to ten square miles of your demiplane to create training grounds and barracks for a military force. This army consists of 50 Knights and 150 Guards adding an equal number for each additional square mile up to 500 Knights and 1500 guards. While not within your demiplane, you may expend a 9th level spell slot and 100,000 gp to conjure your army . While summoned, your army acts in direct accordance with your wishes and will not perform any actions that you do not explicitly order them to undertake. If any of your soldiers die during this conjuring, they are returned to your demiplane where they will be restored to full health.

As a note to players and DMs: this part of the spell can get out of hand if you insist on taking control of each individual unit. Please, for the sake of your fellow players, limit this use of the spell to commanding the entire army to act, or at least large groups to act. In general, if you don't know exactly what it is that you want to do with this feature, you should think about it before taking up notable table time.


You may choose to devote up to 1 square mile of your demiplane to create grand stables in which you can house a vast array of trained beasts. You also create a staff of laborers to tend to your beasts. When you first cast the spell, you may also select up to 3 beasts of CR 2 or lower which inhabit your stables. You may take any single beast from your stables at a time, allowing the beast to follow you. These beasts are friendly to you and your companions and take verbal commands from you at no action cost on your part. While a beast is following you, it rolls its own initiative in combat and it acts on its own initiative. If you do not give the beast any commands, it stays within 30 feet of you and defends itself. Each month that passes, you may select a new beast of CR 2 or lower to add to your stables. After each year that passes, you may select a single beast of CR 5 or lower of your choice to add to your stables.In addition you can use a ninth level spell slot to create a creature of up to CR 20 with additional such spells adding another 5 levels of CR.

After the first casting of this spell, it costs no material components or spell slots to cast it again. Rather, subsequent castings of this spell teleport you and up to 80 willing creatures of your choice within 5 feet of you to the throne room in your grand castle within your demiplane. While within your demiplane, you may remain for as long as you desire, but time continues to pass while you remain. You may, at no action cost, banish a creature from your demiplane, shunting them back into the space they inhabited before entering your demiplane. If a creature has been banished, they may not return until you have lifted their banishment.

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