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Though this era only lasted about 1,000 years, an amazing composition of events and fast-track growth led to the almost spontaneous creation of kindgoms, establishment of empires, and even period of normalcy before the ultimate fall. Historians commonly break up the mass of events in this era into the categories: the Great Restructure, the Bridge Years, and the Blinding Horizon.

The Great Restructure[edit]

(1,000 - 400BG)
After the catastrophes of the Age of Flies and the tribulations of the Lost Era, people had begun to rebuild old ties and forge new ones. It is at this time that the new kingdoms and tribes rose. Gone was the past with only three great nations. Now, divided upon the new continents, new kingdoms like Hocheim and Ba Xin rose from the ashes of the bygone eras. It is around this time that Ba Xin underwent its Five Kingdoms period.

Bridge Years[edit]

(400 - 150BG)
The bridge years refers to the many interactions the new nations and kingdoms had. Some were that of conquest and subjugation, particularly in the beginning. This established a myriad of tributary states and treaties which created hierarchies on the continents. World players were established further when sea travel expanded at this time and people began to piece the world back together in a new order.

Blinding Horizon[edit]

After the tumult of conquest, people became more complacent with where they lived and there was, for a brief time, peace.

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