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Ba Xin is a large nation that covers much of continent. It is considered home to the oldest living civilization with roots from the Astral Period, with an accrued population that is one of the largest in the world.


Notable Places[edit]

Ba Xin's size affords it a plethora of varied terrains as landmarks, not even counting historic sites of great beauty. Many of these locations have since been warped or changed in some way after the Gorge. Historic castles and such have been abandoned, their splendor lost. Great bastions of riches have been repurposed into dens for refugees and even bandits.

The cave that turns a hundred times


The local religion in Ba Xin is called the Celestial River Pantheon. The primary god is Gudrama, the male aspect of Yue. This aspect is a golden figure whom the emperor draws his legitimacy from. Yue is secondary to Gudrama, seen as separate from her masculine aspect. Under her and Gudrama are the Nine Court Sages. Four of these sages represent energies and the associated element or concept: Guzheng of sky and positivity, Ditu of grounding and negativity, Yiru of water and change, and Dishang of death and recurrence. They are safeguards of the supposed river which ran through the Material Realm, carrying the dead to their place in the cosmos, and then bring about nourishment for the souls in the living and the natural world. The other five of the sages were the ferrymen of the river, and represented as stars. Their names are conveyed in the titles of the Five Stars who serve under the Emperor.

Celestial River Pantheon
GudramaLawful Good
YueChaotic NeutralArcana, Moon
White Scholar
Eternal Ten Thousand
Blade Saint
Fierce Tiger

Culture and Society[edit]

Following the Age of Flies, Ba Xin was divided into five kingdoms which warred for supremacy of the land. They were formerly all Tyrakians, but the loose confederacy in the area allowed them to forge a unique mess of cultures. These minority groups waged war from 500 to 400 BG, after which the Wang kingdom took charge, having defeated the Gong, He, Jing, and Liang kingdoms. while the Wang established a centralized government, there remains a diverse body of culture across all of Ba Xin due to the liberal rules on individual matters.


Ba Xin is ruled by an imperial court headed by the emperor. The emperor is surrounded by five generals who make up his entourage. While they are called generals, they do not focus only in battle expertise.

The Emperor
The Five Stars

The core of Ba Xin rule is centered in a region known as Wuxing (五星), or "Five Stars," of which there are five provinces. The five generals each hail from one of the provinces, which are the "stars." The imperial court itself is located in the Baixing province, also known as the Platinum Province. Each of the generals occupies a certain niche within the emperor's court, but their roles have been known to change and are not specific to any region. While they have these specializations, each general is trained to be able to temporarily take over the functions of another should the need arise. This makes them overall a very versatile force.

  • The Riverlord (河主):
  • The White Robed Scholar (白袍书生):
  • The Saint of the Blade (剑聖):
  • The Eternal Ten Thousand (永恒十万):
  • The Fierce Tiger (猛虎):

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