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The being known as the Unity once walked along through the patch of universe. They were a lonely creature desiring company, but they could not embrace the sun, nor could they cling to the skies and nights. In a span of instances before time meant anything, the Unity grew tired of this prison of solitude. Facing Yros and turning their back on Ragtha, the Unity gazed into the light of creation and died, bathed in its beauty. The corpse of Unity then became the Old World. From the fractured spirit of Unity came about the gods who sprung as though from air. The gods gazed upon the world which had yet to have anything and began to build. But as creation flourished, so did destructive divisions as differences formed.

Shortly after the death of the Unity and the creation of the gods, Quthok is believed to have devoured a god in their nascency and taken their body to become a deity himself.

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