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Dodongos are dinosaur-like reptiles that can grow to tremendous sizes. Most of them wield fire breath, immense physical strength, and thick armor-like scales. This combined with their feral aggression make them infamous monsters across the entire Light World. They have a notorious weakness to the thunderous detonations produced by bombs, and are almost single-handedly the reason any worthy adventurer keeps at least a few explosives at the ready.

The most common variety of dodongo has several stages in its lifespan, which are listed in order below. Exceedingly few dodongos from each stage make it to the next, and the final stages are consequently so rare their existence is akin to myth.

  1. Baby Dodongo (5e Creature)
  2. Bipedal Dodongo (5e Creature)
  3. King Dodongo (5e Creature)
  4. Great King Dodongo (5e Creature)

Aside from the more renowned species of dodongo listed above, there are other closely-related monsters which share the same name and similar traits.

  • Armored Dodongo (5e Creature), lacking fire breath but of thicker scales and greater strength. Some rare ones are capable of sentience and even speech.
  • Gecko Dodongo (5e Creature), a smaller lizard-like variety that can climb surfaces with sticky feet. It relies more on fire breath than physical strength, unlike most dodongos.
  • Kodongo (5e Creature), the smallest of dodongos, known for its overwhelming aggression and rapid attacks
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