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Homebrew Equipment

Mundane Magical Epic Magical Artifacts
Adventuring Gear (57 items) Armor Enhancements (14 items) Armor Enhancements Major (124 items)
Alchemical Items (44 items) Armors (50 items) Armors (8 items) Minor (54 items)
Apparel (16 items) Cursed Items (35 items) Cursed Items  
Armor (54 items) Flavor Treasure (18 items) Flavor Treasure (1 items) Other Items
Food and Drink (35 items) Food and Drink (13 items) Food and Drink (9 items) Legacy Equipment (10 items)
Jewelry and Accessories (9 items) Magic Gauntlets (12 items) Magic Gauntlets (1 items) Non-Magical Items (6 items)
Materials (65 items) Potions and Oils (11 items) Potions and Oils Specific Weapons (5 items)
Poisons (27 items) Rings (83 items) Rings (12 items) Template Items (1 items)
Shields (11 items) Rods (8 items) Rods (1 items)  
Tools and Skill Kits (38 items) Shield Enhancements (12 items) Shield Enhancements  
Trade Goods (2 items) Shields (13 items) Shields (2 items)  
Traps (16 items) Staves (17 items) Staves
Vehicles (13 items) Traps (1 items) Traps  
Weapons (559 items) Vehicles (6 items) Vehicles (5 items)  
  Weapon Enhancements (83 items) Weapon Enhancements (7 items)  
  Weapons (210 items) Weapons (6 items)  
  Wondrous Items (445 items) Wondrous Items (11 items)  

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