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Magic Curseds

Name Marketprice Weight CL Aura School
Belt of Unfortunate Female Encounters 200 gp CL 20th Strong Transmutation
Clanking Leather Armor 160gp 15 1th Weak Illusion
Coin of Mortality 324,010 gp 9th Moderate; (DC 19) Necromancy
Coin of Time 5000 gp 1/50 7 Weak enchantment
Comfy Chair 3,000 50 1 Weak enchantment
Cursed Rubber Chicken 3 Moderate Transmutation
Cursed Table 3 Moderate Transmutation
Gloves of Hideous Laughter 3rd Weak transmutation
Hat of Compliments
Hat of Obsession 2000gp 1 5th Weak Enchantment
Jester's Rod 4,000 gp 2 lb. 9th Moderate; (DC 19) Transmuation
Misfire Blowgun 4,315 gp 8th
Morsblade 72,375 gp 15th
Object of Mutation 10 Moderate Transmutation
Orb of Hypnotic Mind 54,000gp 5 12 Moderate Enchantment
Ring of Aging 500,000 gp 9th Moderate; (DC 19) Necromancy
Ring of Decay 2,000gp - 5th Weak Enchantment
Ring of Forelorning 2,400 gp -- 10th Weak Transmutation
Ring of Invisibility 15,000 gp 3rd Faint; (DC 17) Illusion
Rubber Longsword 4,815 gp 4 lb. 9th Moderate; (DC 19) Transmuation
Vest of Fiery Pain

Incomplete Magic Curseds

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