3.5e Magical Armor Enhancements

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Magic Armor Enhancements

Name Marketprice CL Aura School
Ablative Force Layer 6
Armor of Healing Fire +3 bonus 16
Armor of Healing Fire, Variant +3 bonus 16
Drow Tempered 550 gp 1 Faint evocation
Drow Tempered, Greater 1,200 gp 1 Faint evocation
Drow Tempered, Lesser 200 gp 1 Faint evocation
Punishing +2 enhancement 9 Moderate Evocation
Punishing, Greater +5 enhancement 12 Strong Evocation
Punishing, Lesser +1 enhancement 6 Faint Evocation
Tattooed Armor Price 6000gp for tattoo on body, 2000gp for tattoo on armor. 6th Faint Conjuration

Incomplete Magic Armor Enhancements

Magic Armor Enhancements with one or many improving, reviewing, or removing templates present. Please help work on the problem presented on the template.

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