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Armor Enhancements

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Name Market Price Weight CL Aura School
Ablative Force Layer 6
Armor of Healing Fire +3 bonus 16
Armor of Healing Fire, Variant +3 bonus 16
Drow Tempered 550 gp 1 Faint evocation
Drow Tempered, Greater 1,200 gp 1 Faint evocation
Drow Tempered, Lesser 200 gp 1 Faint evocation
Punishing +2 enhancement 9 Moderate Evocation
Punishing, Greater +5 enhancement 12 Strong Evocation
Punishing, Lesser +1 enhancement 6 Faint Evocation
Tattooed Armor Price 6000gp for tattoo on body, 2000gp for tattoo on armor. 6th Faint Conjuration
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