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Welcome to the Anime Multiverse![edit]

This is the place where heroes of all types gather! Ninjas, pirates, aliens, superheroes, monsters and more have come from all your favorite anime and manga to be played by YOU!

Ever wanted to reject your humanity and become a god? Or a vampire? Or even a cat girl?

When you saw the adventures of great heroes like Naruto, Goku, or even Subaru Natsuki and wanted to step into their shoes?

Well, all of that is possible AND MORE in this universe!

Creating Your Character[edit]


The world of anime is inhabited by various different races of people.


Please enter the name and a brief description of each race here! They are conveniently placed in alphabetical order, so try to stick to that standard! Note that if a race is left under the "Deviates from 5e standards!" text, it is NOT unplayable, it simply requires level adjustment and/or special permission from your DM.

Basic Races[edit]

  • Humans thrive in all corners of the world. As the most common race of people, they are often compared as a baseline to other races, but that does not mean that they are without their own merit! Humans are some of the most ingenious creatures on the planet, and their vast range of abilities as well as their quick learning abilities has earned them a reputation for being resourceful and flexible across the globe.
  • Elves are taller, lankier, and more graceful than humans. As they descend from fey blood, they have many abilities distinct from that of humans, such as heightened senses, a sleep-like trance that is much shorter than humans, and near-immortality from their longer life spans. Certain types of elves are even born with their own magical abilities.
  • Half-elves combine traits of both elves and humans - they are taller, lankier, and more graceful than humans, yet can grow facial hair and are more humanoid in general.

Animalistic / Tribal Races[edit]

Animalistic peoples are often considered less intelligent or civilized than the other races of the world. While they all maintain certain animalistic traits, they are still able to live in society and have intelligence comparable to that of humans. But because of the prejudice surrounding their peoples, most of the following races still live in family tribes, away from human civilization. Some, however, can pass for human or even choose to live amongst humans despite their differences. Even so, the prejudice they face will affect a character of this race greatly.

  • Faunus appear almost identitical to humans, but possess an Animal Aspect that manifests itself physically as a feature of an animal and grants them special powers related to the spirit of that animal. Their tribes can often be identified by a totem related to the most common or powerful Animal Aspect of their group.
  • Kitsune are a type of yo-kai which can manifest itself as a human, a humanoid fox, or a fully fox form, often with unusual coloring/markings and even more than one tail. The more powerful the yo-kai, the more tails it will have. While extremely rare, Kitsune still exist on the edges of society - and often near portals to other dimensions.
  • Neko are a race of catlike humanoids with slender bodies, "fur" which looks like human hair, and catlike ears and a tail. While wild neko live near deserts and other lands untouched by human civilization, domestic neko coexist with humans and typically dwell in large, developed cities.

Monstrous Races[edit]

While on the surface, monsters appear to be similar to animalistic peoples, they are not one and the same. For starters, monsters have extraordinary magical abilities inherent to their bodies that can be deadly. Unlike the animal races, they are completely feral: meaning that they can not be "tamed" so as to live in a society. They are chaotic, wild, and untamed. Across the universe, monsters are known for attacking sporadically and have complex family systems beyond the understanding of humans.

  • Living Weapons are a race of people that have been modified with magic in an effort to create the "perfect weapon". They are scattered across the globe, much like humans, in small but present clusters.
  • Naga are a race of humanoids with snake-like tails in place of their lower legs.
  • Yuan-Naga are similar in appearance to nagas, but maintain the strength of their yuan-il ancestors.

Deviates from 5e standards!:

Afterlife Races[edit]

The following races inhabit the various afterlives of the multiverse.

  • Arrancar are born from a species known as Hollows, which are known for the bone-like masks obstructing their identities and altering them from their original, mortal form. This branch, however, is a rare kind of Hollow that is able to remove (most of) said mask, giving them an appearance similar to the one they had in life.
  • Half-Phantoms, as their names imply, aren’t true undead. They are instead a combination of a phantom and human form, leaving them as half undead and half mortal beings.
  • Hollows are undead beings who are born from the corrupted souls of human beings. They always contain a hole somewhere in their body and an eerie, bone-like mask.

Deviates from 5e standards!:

  • Half-Satori Half-Phantoms combine the traits of a phantom and a satori to create a monstrous being with a third eye in their humanoid form and a white, cloudlike phantom form.
  • Yama are beings that look like normal humanoids, but they are actually guardians of the afterline. Mortals who see them may confuse them for the living, but will feel the authority that flows off of them and hold immense respect for them

Astral Races[edit]

The following races inhabit the stars.

  • Frost Demons are the horned rulers of a galactic empire. They seal their power away behind transformation.
  • Majin are beings of pure magic.
  • Yardrat are bearers of vast, esoteric knowledge.

Deviates from 5e standards!:

  • Namekians [1][2]
  • Saiyans are powerful warriors capable of incredible transformations.


Please enter the name and a brief description of each class here!

Still needs review/revision:

Back to our regularly scheduled classes!

  • State Alchemists [1][2][3][4][5]
  • Titanshifters
  • Vampires of the Stone Mask variant have rejected their humanity and ascended to this unhallowed status of their own free will. Why? Only you can decide!

Stand-users are super complex and have been divided into two variants here, with more to come! (Primarily to be built off of M&M-like class creation (mutants and masterminds))

Weapons and Equipment[edit]




Pantheons and Religions[edit]

Greater Deities

Arceus is said by its worshippers to be the creator of all living things. From a great egg, he birthed three sons: Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina.

Lesser Deities




DM's Guide[edit]

After this point, the information contained is very technical and doesn't apply to players anymore. (NOTE: certain uncompleted sections here may be moved up over time)


The Spirit Insects and Gaichuu

Ceruleans are monochromatic constructs that form when the substance known as Sandstar comes into contact with non-organic materials. Their only goal is to feed on Sandstar.

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The Planes of Existence[edit]

The Anime Multiverse is built upon various other multiverses, each with their own laws, limits, and structure. Each individual multiverse is contained in numerous time-line variations, so reliably traveling to the same time-line twice is difficult. Multiverses already encompassed in other campaign settings should be summarized and linked instead of fully explained.

The Shinobi World[edit]

The Shinobi world consists of a single main universe with numerous micro-universes encompassed by a single theme (i.e. volcanic, tundra, etc.) with modern-esque technology and magical ninjas.


The Amberground, named for its abundance of the substance "Spirit Amber", is a reflection of the Material Plane which we walk on, except that it is flooded with water and shows no natural light. At the center of the Amberground sits an artificial sun which represents the light of humanity. Many high places such as mountains and spires are home to amber crossings - special locations in which the barrier between the two worlds can be passed. (tegami bachi fans don't @ me I'm making this playable) Where in our world there stand fossils, in the Amberground, there are dangerous Gaichuu who emerge from the ground.



The Afterlife[edit]

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