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A group of kids walks forward, each holding a device in their hands of varying sizes. Along the kids is different-sized small creatures, each one now standing in front of the kids. Extending their hands out and shouting the word: "WARP DIGIVOLVE!", "ARMOR EVOLUTION!", "JOGRESS!", "BIO-MERGE!", "DIGI-CHARGE!", "DIGI-XROSS!" and more, the creatures standing in front of their kids are engulfed in impossibly bright lights before undergoing a drastic change. Each creature now looked different, as they all stared down one another, before turning towards a large creature that was hovering impossibly high in the sky. After a motivational speech from one of the kids, they all begin running forward, with the creatures taking the lead quickly and a bright light ensuing. A battle for the Digital World was taking place, and the Human World was put in the crosshairs.

Campaign Setting Information[edit]

Players Guide

There are many classes to play, but there are only two in specific depending on how you want to be involved in this world.
Humans are the dominant race, but there is also the Digital Monsters race, each Digital Monster being vastly unique and different species overall.
Various gear, goods, equipment, and magical items available to characters.
A list of feats within the Digimon Supplement. These contain the feats for Digimon, Digi-Destined/Tamers, and anything else specific to this supplement.
Background & Languages
The people within the universe of Digimon have different lives and thus lead different activities and come from different places, especially Digi-Destined.

World of Digimon

The World & Locales
This is just basic information on the Geography of the Digital and Human World, as there are many iterations of it that can suit your needs.

Dungeon Master's Guide

A list of every Digimon within the Digital World. Digimon often fights each other or are opposing forces toward a bigger goal or to form a team, so it's good to see what the species are.
Various important Tamers/Digi-Destined/People within the Digital World.
A list of very unique treasures exclusive to the Digital World.
Variant Rules
Optional rules for DMs to implement while playing a campaign in the Digimon universe.
Quests, dungeons, campaigns, conflicts, and more found within the setting.

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