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Psionic classes tend to have themes on manipulating objects, affecting others' minds, having telepathy or clairvoyance, or otherwise having physic powers.

Psionic Classes[edit]

Classes based on the psionic archetype.
Name Summary Spellcasting Hit Die
Esper, Variant Esper's are people born with the ability to manipulate the world with their minds, achieving a plethora of different effects depending on the individual. 6
Mystic, Chance Variant A rebalanced form of the Mystic class that relies on chance more than resource management. 8
Mystic, Spell Variant A reformation of the Mystic class that uses spell mechanics more similar to 5e rules as written. 8
Occultic So much concentration that it literally hurts. 12
Psiblade 8
Psion, 3rd Variant 4
Psyche Warrior 6
Psycher A class that expands upon the mental capacity of talented individuals who can bend reality, influence minds, alter the elements, or restore the body. 6
Wanderer a powerful, but unstable, psychic 6

Psionic Mashup Classes[edit]

Mashup classes with multiple themes, one of which is the psionic archetype.
Name Summary Spellcasting Hit Die
Illithid Sometimes known as Mind Flayers, if you want to play as an Illithid, you have to choose this class. 8
Masked Hunter Hunters wielding a knife and a bow, sacrificing lives for eldritch creatures. 8
Mystic Fist Master of martial arts, wielder of the mystic power of chakra, and delver of the secrets of the multiverse. 8
Occultist 8
Psion, Discipline Variant Powerful adventurers who dominate the battlefield with their mental abilities 8
Psion, Variant Psions are the quintessential manipulators of psionic power. full 6
Soulknife Never caught unarmed, the soulknife is the literal interpretation of using the power of the soul as a weapon. 8

Psionic Classes Based on Existing Fiction[edit]

Psionic classes which are based on characters or archetypes from other works of fiction.
Name Summary Spellcasting Hit Die
Esper "If everyone is not special, you can't be who you want to be..." 8
Mystic Eyes As a Mystic Eye you gain the following class features. 8
Mystic Eyes User Bend the fundamental forces of the universe to your will with nothing but your eyes. 8
Mystic, Mastery Variant More disciplines, fewer restrictions, higher cost powers. 6
PSI Kid A young adventurer with their newly awakened psionic power, harnessed by their emotions. Based on the Psionic by Ethan. 6

Psionic April Fools Classes[edit]

Psionic classes with a more comedic twist.
Name Summary Spellcasting Hit Die

Incomplete Psionic Classes[edit]

Psionic classes with one or many improving, reviewing, or removing templates present. Please help work on the problem presented on the template.

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