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The World of Thrandill in its many centuries of existence has seen the creation of many relics and artifacts, most of which have been lost to the ages in tombs or hidden in vast mazes for their protection. Others are held by gods, used as their personal weapons and armaments. The few that are in the world at large are dormant waiting for the right time or the right wielder before their presence. some of the ruling families even have one as their royal claim to the thrown that gets passed down to the next heir at the time of their coronation.

in this world there is one source of all the artifacts that reside in Thrandill, that place being an alter that resides within the chest cavity of the corps of a titanic being that died a the beginning of recorded time. Over time the location became known as the Anvil of Creation and is outlined in more detail in (insert location).

The Four Rings Of The Apocalypse[edit]

These four rings are held by the four eldest gods and are forces of nature on their own. The only time the rings change hands is with the death of their previous owner. if all four rings come into the hands of the same being then they convirge into one single ring that has the capabilities to warp reality and bend the world to the wielders will, be it for good or for evil

Harvest Bringer
  • With its ability to control nature in all of its forms the one who wields this ring can bend the growth of plants to their will, growing them on a whim and bring them to rot with a thought.
Lovers Quarrel
  • With this ring you hold the powers of love and war in your hands. the power to will people into loving each other or to well up a deep hatred. Using these two powerful emotions you can bring about wars to span years, centuries or even given the will to elongate it could even last a century.

Essence Breaker

  • This ring holds the powers of life and death and with that you can rend the lives of any who appose you, or given the desire bring anyone back from the dead given their soul remained intact.

Tide Turner

  • Battle is this rings foray, it runs through its steal with the capability to turn the tides of war and brawl alike.

The Original Sins[edit]

Peace Bringer
Givers Embrace
Last Kiss
Impudent Edge
Apathetic Crown

The Commanding Truths[edit]

Faiths End
Saint Maker
Corruptions Grieves
Treacherous Oath
Blood Leter
Life Render
Love Spreader
Agitated Eye
Truth Carver
Greeds Embrace

Champions Claim[edit]

The Hilt Of many Blades
  • The newest of the artifacts created by the forge of the gods. This sword was imbued with the capability to change its form to better suit its wielder. The current location of this artifact is unknown but legend say that it was once used to fell the previous god of life and death.
Book Of The Bound Devil
  • one of the few artifacts that wasn't created using the forge of the gods but instead by a powerful mage a melinea ago to bind a powerful demon. Any who dare read its pages run the risk of being taken over by the demon inside or driven mad by the knowledge contained within.
Dec's Benevolence
  • created by the combination of Dec's mercy and Dec's Wrath only those deemed worthy by the god of life and death my use it. The current location is also unknown.
Foe Razer
  • legend states that this weapon was once used by a strong and cunning ranger who took part in the demise of the Dwarven kingdom of Volthume around the time of the litches rise to power. said to have been buried with its previous owner, rumors however have started to spread about someone using it near the ruins of Tugula.
The Scales of Life and Death
Fate Sewer
Hex Bane
  • Forged in the first age during the Eldritch wars to help quell the rising rebellions of the crimson concordance, and return the world to peace after nearly being to burnt to the ground from the wild magics that the concordance tried to utilize. With its bound partner Spell Render the heads of archmages rolled giving way to a new kind of peice that magical restriction that lasted for two ages. Know also by the name Hex Drinker.
Spell Render
  • Harnesing the captured eldritch power that Hex Bane absorbs Spell Render hones its edge allowing it to cut through even the thickest of armors and the strongest of magical barrios. This sword is known by names other than Spell Razer such as Mage Hunter, Eldritch Edge, and Shamen Breaker

Primordial Blessings[edit]

A blessing bestowed on one who manages to impress the Primordial gods of creation, as such when the current owner of the artifact dies or loses his favor the amulet crumbles to dust returning to the god of which t had been bestowed by.

Amulet of Eternal Fire
Claws of the Wind Spliter
Ring of the Endless Depths
Earth Breakers Wraps

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