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NPCs without an improving, reviewing, or removing template present.

Name Race Levels Description
Al Mehmed Mummy Knight 5 A blood-red mummy from the noble lineage of Dharuum, who believes himself the rightful sultan even in death.
Alain Zetsuoa Human 10 Gemstone Ranger Scarred male, weapons each adorned with a single gem in the weapon's grip or hilt.
Alia Flakes
Galaktas Saguaro sentinel Guardian over the Eastern Beam Temple.
Go'ma Naor Kiiroshan Vilathian Warder 10 Water Warder
Great Chaka Khan of the Roaming Horde human barbarian 3/ranger 2/animal lordCAd 5 Female chieftain that loves horses.
Harrison Clovet Human Paladin 2/Swashbuckler 3/Court Champion 6 A devoted knight, finding and revealing the truth are his only priorities
Irons Warforged Fighter 2/Sorcerer 5/Reforged 3 A warforged with a passion for life, he is a businessman, selling his goods across the world from his merchant airship.
Izzit-Ogg Steam mephit Sorcerer 7 An arrogant mephit sorcerer who works as a court jester and advisor.
Jason Eane Grey Elf Druid 7, Eternal Incarnate 3. Poster boy for the Eternal Incarnate PrC.
Jivens Ulshar Human, Bone Creature Witch(AEG) 1/Expert 9 An insane magical skull who loves to mess with people's minds.
Karvik Human Wizard 3, Prestidigitator 7 An evil man who uses his knowledge and skill in magic to cow the populace of Pine Hollow.
Maharraz elf cleric 3/wizard 3/mystic theurge 4 Diabolical elf spellcaster.
Maura Tessaro half-elf Sorcerer 10 Diplomat and Investigator in Hochoch
Polifesius Human Fighter 4 / Phalanx Specialist 6 Polifesius is a professional soldier from a long line of military men and he conducts himself as such.
Rakabarr and Urabarr Ogre Fighter 5/Fighter 3 A pair of fiendish ogre brothers who work as infernal smiths.
Rush Hu Child Hybrid Elite Warrior 10 A warrior of solid build and short dark hair. He paints two green marks under his left eye and wields a massive fullblade. It is said he fought his own spirit shadow in a battle lasting two years. He is now the Retainer of the Shinma Clan.
Tia Niara Elf Showstopper 10 A young, fairly small Elf, causing great annoyance.
Tyr Prinit Human Sandbender 10 A large area in the wall before you turns to sand before your very eyes. Walking out of it is a man clothed in red, a large amount of sand swirling slowly around him. His fierce eyes glare at you as if determining you friend or foe.
Vadania Crisp Human Druid 3, Rogue 3, Strider 4 Poster boy for the Strider PrC.
Vervarrin Crespelde human Breathstealer 10 Infamous Serial Killer.
Waywocket Dusseldorf Lintymann LXIX half-celestial forest gnome bard 4, druid 2 Potential ally, or enemy. Waywocket is really good deep down, but has been altered due to a Programmed Amnesia spell.

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