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Variant Rules[edit]

Further Beyond[edit]

Player Equivalent CR[edit]

Armor Modification[edit]

Weapon Modification[edit]

Tiered Weapon Weight[edit]

Additional Status Conditions[edit]


More Actions[edit]

Fair Critical Hits[edit]

Partial Armor[edit]

Moving on Another Creature's Turn[edit]

Additional Movement[edit]

When a jutsu, spell, or similar feature causes a creature to move (i.e. Heaven Spear Kick), the movement does not consume their movement speed.

Power Beyond Mortality[edit]

From level 21, any character of any class gains half proficiency (rounded down) on all saving throws that they're not proficient on.

Optional Rule: More Useful Weapons[edit]

A shinobi's unarmed strike quickly outpaces most weapons, making most completely redundant for anything other than range, which can quickly be acquired through jutsu and subclass features. If you find that you or your players wish weapons had more uses, consider either of the following solutions:

  • Attacks with weapons gain a bonus to their damage roll equal to the wielder's proficiency bonus. This optional rule is best used while players are using weapons with a damage die of 1d10 or lower, as 1d12/2d6 ends up outclassing a 20th level unarmed die by 2 maximum, and by 3 points of average damage.
  • Attack and damage rolls with weapons that have an average damage die roll below a shinobi's unarmed strike's gain a +1 bonus. This is best to use if you're looking to add a tradeoff between unarmed strikes rather than make weapons equivalent, in this case trading damage for more reliable attacks, but this could break bounded accuracy with enough bonuses/magic items.
    • When using either of the above rules, players do not gain these benefits if they are able to add their unarmed damage die to a weapon's damage, such as while attuned to Chakra Blades.
  • When a creature makes an attack with a weapon, they may add their Strength and Dexterity modifier to the attack roll. Like option 2, this acts as a tradeoff instead of equality, in this case a higher likelihood to hit in exchange for damage. In addition, this makes Strength-based characters more viable.

Optional Rule: More Hit Points[edit]

One solid jutsu or a couple high rolling attacks can kill a creature with only a few d8 hit dice pretty quickly. If you find that your fights are ending a bit to quickly, or that a little bit of bad luck has killed or almost killed a player one too many times, doubling the maximum hit points of all creatures within the setting is a quick and relatively easy solution.

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