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Nuclear Fallout and genetic testing have resulted in new races and subhuman races coming into existence within the known world. The races listed below are available as Standard Player Character Races within the setting, and any other race provided in D20 Modern Supplemental Materials should have approval of your Dungeon Master before use.


The most prominent race by far is the Humans who have ruled over Earth/Valgora for millenniums. However, genetic alterations, adaption, genetic seclusion, nuclear fallout, and the like have broken the race into numerous smaller sub races. Coupled with changes and evolution of other races that can not even be linked to Humans, and Valgora is beginning to experience a mass influx of intelligent peoples.

Rise of the Races[edit]

There are a few primary ways in which a Valgorian race in this age has came to be. They are as follows:

A generally slow process in which a race forms into a sentient being, may take millions of years to accomplish
Genetic Alteration
Scientific tampering with the genes and genetic structure of numerous types of animals, plants, humans, or raw material may cause a new race as the result of the experimentation
Nuclear Fallout Mutation
The radiation of the third world war and the more-recent Eugenics War has left much of the land radioactive, and those living in it may find themselves changing at a rapid and alarming pace
Environmental Seclusion
Some sects of a race may take leave of the world and bar themselves together. Years of breeding and adaptation may lead to a race suited for their environment. This has become very true of those races that went underground to escape the fallout of the third world war.

Available Standard Races[edit]

Human & Subhuman

  1. Human - No Alteration
  2. Lycanthropic Humans - Genetic Alteration
  3. Aquatic Humans - Environmental Seclusion/Evolution
  4. Arctic Humans - Environmental Seclusion/Evolution
  5. Desert Humans - Environmental Seclusion/Evolution
  6. Feral Humans - Environmental Seclusion/Evolution
  7. The Subterraneans - Environmental Seclusion/Fallout
  8. Fireborn Humans - Nuclear Fallout Mutation
  9. Windborn Humans - Nuclear Fallout Mutation
  10. The Merfolk - Mutation of Aquatics

The Near-Humans

  1. Dwarves & their sub races - Evolution
  2. Elves & their sub races - Evolution
  3. Gnomes & their sub races - Evolution
  4. Halflings & their sub races - Evolution

Feral Near-Humans

  1. Orcs & their offshoots - Nuclear Fallout Mutation
  2. Goblins & their offshoots - Nuclear Fallout Mutation
  3. Kobolds & their offshoots - Genetic Alteration
  4. Ogres & their offshoots - Nuclear Fallout Mutation
  5. Trolls & their offshoots - Genetic Alteration

Inhuman and Recent Races

  1. Centaurs & similar mutations - Nuclear Fallout Mutation
  2. Doppelgangers - Genetic Alteration
  3. Dromites - Environmental Seclusion/Evolution
  4. Minotaurs - Genetic Alteration
  5. Driders - Genetic Alteration
  6. Elans - Evolution
  7. Nagas - Nuclear Fallout Mutation
  8. Gnolls - Genetic Alteration
  9. Reptilians - Genetic Alteration + Evolution + Fallout
  10. The Raised - Nuclear Fallout Mutation

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