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Eye Mage Questions Continued x3[edit]

My question this time is quite simple. How would you scale the abilities of the eye mage? For example, the evocation ability, which is really fun only does 1d10 damage, and as you get higher in level it becomes almost useless to use. Do you have any ideas on how to change this?

I've actually been considering this. I'm going to be DMing a campaign pretty soon, and one of the players is going to be playing as an Eye Mage. I did realize that Evocation and Necromancy are kind of weak at higher levels, but I always considered them to just be a way to add a tad bit of damage in case the player had cast a spell as an action and was wanting to add a bit of damage as a bonus action to end their turn. I've considered making Evocation scale like Fire Bolt scales, adding an additional d10 at certain levels. Maybe make Necromancy's life steal dice also increase similarly. With the other schools of magic, though, I don't think scaling would work all that well. The only way it could maybe (MAYBE) work is if at certain levels, each school gained a new effect that it could cause. For example, Enchantment could start with just being able to calm someone down if they failed the save. Then, at some level, it could put someone to sleep. At a later level, it could also charm, and so on. However, I'm not sure I like that idea. I'm still planning on adding the scaling for Evocation and Necromancy, but I don't think I'll scale the other effects, unless I get some really solid ideas for all of them. WiserVisor (talk) 7:58, 24 August 2020

Eye Mage Questions Continued x2[edit]

Yes. So I didn't mean to change the 14th level ability just that you would get a similar ability at a lower level it just wouldn't have the change eye at will like the level 14 would have which would make it quite an improvement. I might be just getting greedy, which is very possible since I am using it myself, but I have always been confused with the every other idea for spellcasters. Maybe if there was some sort of addition to the general class at level 5 or 7? Maybe if one got the changing eye improvement at an earlier level, maybe it would allow for more options for the subclass? This would keep the every 4 level gap between the subclass abilities. The problem I see is that time in D&D if manipulated can very easily break the game, which is why I see you chose the idea of future sight instead. I am happy to think on ideas, but I would like to know your opinion. In summary basically move the 14th level ability to level 5,7, or 9, and give another subclass feature at Lvl 14.

Edit. I realized you were thinking of changing the second part of the 14th level to be given, and although it is similar, the change between action and bonus action I believe is enough to warrant it being enough for a level up ability just maybe not for a Lvl 14 character.

Eye Mage Questions Continued[edit]

Thanks for the change on the arcane eye, but we changed the shadow's of the past feature slightly. So, the first time I cast it, the feature costs nothing, but more times per day cost a Lvl 1 spell slot then the third time that day it will cost a 2nd level spell slot and so on. For the most part, I actually haven't needed to use it more than twice a day, so I find it quite balanced. One thing that I find interesting is that you are right there isn't much until level 6, and even that ability is quite limited. (At least how I see it). I was wondering if the 14th level improvement that gives you the ability to cast the upgraded version at the cost of only 1 could be added to a lower level as well, but instead, it wouldn't give the second improvement that lets you change your eye at will. What are your opinions? Again, thanks for the class!! Im loving it. I am playing an insane sorcerer who is convinced that time is the only answer to the world's problems. I just really like the class...

Oh, I see. That is an interesting way to handle the Shadow's of the Past. That is a nice way of balancing the feature, so that you get one free use per day, and then it costs more as you use it more, but spending spell slots...that seems awfully pricey. I would personally want to lean more towards expending Eye Charges rather than Spell Slots when it comes to class features. Do you have a specific reasoning for why you chose spending Spell Slots for extra uses of this feature instead of Eye Charges? In regards to lowering the level of the Changing Eye Improvement, I wouldn't be against it, but the tricky part is figuring out where to put it. The main reason I put it at level 14 is because at that level, the Eye Mage gets nothing else besides one new spell and another Eye Charge. No extra spell slots, no subclass features, nothing. I felt that this feature made level 14 a little more worthwhile, granting two decent upgrades to the main feature of the class. It seems to me like a lose-lose situation: either I keep the feature where it is, but leave a pretty hefty level gap between features, or I move it, making level 14 feel like a wasted level. I will point out that the official Wizard class has a very similar (almost identical) class feature structure to what I currently have set up, so that's why I'm hesitant to changing it. I also made a change so that the Eye Mage, at level 1, can change their Eye Form as an action, with no expending of an Eye Charge, and the Changing Eye Improvement allows the Eye Mage to change their Eye Form as a bonus action, with no expending of an Eye Charge. Since I have it set up that a cantrip can affect the Changing Eye Form, I felt that I might as well just allow the Eye Mage to change it at will right off the bat. I'm elated to hear that you've been really enjoying my class! It makes me happy to see others enjoying stuff that I've created. Again, I'd love to hear your feedback on these proposed changes, as well as any other changes you think are worth making due to your playing of the class. WiserVisor (talk) 13:55, July 4 2020

Eye Mage Questions[edit]

I have been using the Eye Mage for a few sessions in a campaign and we made a few changes to balance it. I was wondering why you made certain things the way you did because maybe I didn't realize why. For example, my DM and I ruled that the spell must be a 1st level spell or above to affect my eye form. Then, the transmutation eye seemed too good because of the number of things it changed, so the eye can only change the movement and size of the creature (spending 2 eye charges). Then, since I am using the Time Eye, the shadows of the past feature we decided can only be used once a day. So far those are all the changes, but I would love to hear your thoughts on it as well as other ideas you may have because I LOVE the class and I can't wait to see what more cool things I can do! I would love to talk about it more through discord, but I don't want to leave my discord here, so let me know what your thoughts are on this so far!

I think that change to the Transmutation Changing Eye feature is fairly balanced, although my plan was to keep the cost of all of the different features the same. I'll change the wording of the Transmutation feature, but I'm going to be keeping the cost of the feature the same. For Shadows of the Past, it does need some sort of restraint, since I didn't consider how versatile it could be when I wrote it. Once per day, though, seems a little rough, since until 6th level, you don't really get anything besides a few more spells. Maybe a number of times equal to your Con modifier per long rest? Or spending an Eye Charge to use it? Making it so that only leveled spells affect your Eye Form makes sense on a mechanical level, but I don't find it to make sense that your Arcane Eye, the source of your magic, would not be affected when you cast any sort of spell, even if it's a cantrip. I obviously won't demand you to use the original ruling in your personal games, but I think I'll be keeping that element of the Changing Eye feature the same. I really appreciate your input, though, and I'd like to hear what you have to say about my possible fixes to the Shadows of the Past feature.WiserVisor (talk) 3:55, June 10 2020

Undoing Earth Bender[edit]

I'm really curious for reasons behind it, as your version is RIDICULOUSLY powerful. Shaky landing past certain level can deal over 2000 damage easily, Rock Strengthening is even more insane at a VERY low cost.

Reasoning for Undoing[edit]

I worked on this class over the course of a month or so, along with the other bending classes, and I feel very connected to them. I do accept this as a wake-up call to look these classes over and re-balance them, but I have a certain idea for how each of these classes work, and a lot of these edits have dramatically changed a lot of the features. I realize some of the edits were purely balance, which I respect, but I'm undoing all of the edits so I can see how I designed it originally, and work towards balance from there.

Earth Bender[edit]

I've worked about two months with the balance changes with help from a couple of experienced players and DMs, also I'm currently playing my version of the class in a campaign, and I have to say it's still very strong and versatile. And that's saying something as I am playing a blind character... While looking into classes at least consider my changes since A LOT of thought and play-testing went into them. Cheers.


I restored the edits to how they were after your group had changed them. I copied my original form onto an offline text document, and I'll be making my edits there. I'll definitely take your edits into account. '


The version I am playing and editing is even weaker then the online version, because I am still reworking it as I'm leveling, to match Earth Bender with vanilla classes as much as possible. All the changes I've made are in a *.json file so my group can see it online on 5etools website. I gave up editing it here because the editor is just... bleh. Anyway, I am glad You will take my changes under consideration as the class is pretty close to me as well now, much appreciated.

Edit: Also, not all the changes here are mine, like the bending focus or 24 chi. Also I planned on making a Chi Blocker class or sub-class for monk to make a direct counter to benders as they are pretty strong due to their nature.

Questions of MasterXV[edit]

Why the Eye Mage have proficiency in Str Savings Throws? I think it will have more sense if instead of str have Wis proficiency, you know because the Eye give him some extra help to see the world, etc. But if it is for lore reasons I understand, but I want to hear the reason. And I move the vure wounds spell to a 1st level spell list, it was in the cantrip list.

I'm making a variant too.

--MasterXV (talk) 18:08, 22 March 2019 (MDT)MasterXV

That actually does make more sense than using Strength as a saving throw. I initially used Strength simply because these individuals need to be physicaly hardy, but now that I think about it, if they were strong, they might not have needed the arcane eye. And swapping it with Wisdom can make the arcane eye, at least in role-playing, have a more direct effect on why the character can resist these effects. I’ll add that. And thanks for catching that cure wounds in the Cantrip list. (P.S.: Thanks for actually messaging me about this instead of just changing it. I’ve had some rough experiences of people drastically changing my classes without sending me anything, so thank you.) WiserVisor (talk) 12:36, 23 March 2019 (MDT)

That what I think later too. I like your class and one of my players wanna play it but he don´t wanna track all the changes of his eyes, so I made the variant for him and take a more Sorcerer form, he like it and it´s very easy for him. Thanks you for the origianl class. --MasterXV (talk) 18:54, 24 March 2019 (MDT)MasterXV

DarkSide_73 Question[edit]

Hello. I really want to play this class as it looks really fun, but I am a little bit confused on the concept of basic and advanced techniques. I see the chart for it in the table, and the concept is mentioned throughout the class, but unless I am an idiot (which I might be) I do not see where the basic and advanced techniques are labeled. I see the technique lists for Earth and the sub elements, but nowhere where they are labeled "basic" or advanced" so i am unsure as to how many of the spells I can actually take and which ones are advanced and which ones are basic. I could really use some help understanding this aspect of the class If you see this, thanks in advance! Have a good one. --DarkSide_73 (talk) 00:12, April 3 2019

I have realized that this page is separate from the class. I should mention I am talking about your Earth Bender class. Sorry lol. DarkSide_73 (talk) 19:35, April 3 2019

That is actually my bad. I thought I had relabeled that section, but I hadn't. Thanks for pointing that out! There may have been several other people who were wondering the same thing. I made the proper changes. You should see it now at the end of the page under the Earth Techniques List. WiserVisor (talk) 20:20, April 3 2019

HawtDawg's Waterbender question[edit]

(I've never been on a talk page before so hopefully I'm doing this right) you recently undid some of my edits for your waterbender class, I just wanted to explain one of the specific edits I made. I'm referring to the level of the advanced techniques that players can learn, as soon as a player gains the ability to use techniques, they get them up to third level, when every other spellcasting class of the same level only gets to use up to second level spells, and from what I was seeing, the techniques aren't any less powerful than spells. So I'm wondering what your thought process was when deciding what techniques were to be included at which levels.

P.S. A lot of the changes I made were gone over with my DM to fit more closely within our campaign, with that said, I would greatly appreciate your permission to use your Waterbender class as a solid groundwork to edit it according to my campaign, this would be a Waterbender Variant.

--HawtDawg (talk) 05:56, August 16, 2019

My reasoning behind that choice was because the Waterbender would have 3 chi points at that level, so I figured they should be free to burn them all at once if they please. When you pointed out how other caster classes aren’t allowed to cast 3rd Level spells at that level, I realized that was a bit strong. I’ll be changing that edit back now for all of my bender classes. Thanks for pointing that out! I’d just prefer if you would have went to this talk page or the Waterbender discussion page first before editing. I also have no qualms with you making a class variant. WiserVisor (talk) 18:15, August 16 2019

KoalaTkontrol Question[edit]

hey Wiser! I saw your supplement for ATLA and wanted to help out if I could. I've been looking into Equipment, but I wanted to see if you were still working on this actively. I don't want to step on your toes, but I think this could be a lot of fun! Let me know if you're still working on it. I'm on the Discord, with the same name.


I looked around on the D&D Wiki Discord, but I couldn't find you. It may be due to my lack of Discord experience. We can chat through here if you'd like. WiserVisor (talk) 4:23, June 10 2020

Earth bender questions[edit]

So I have no clue how this whole text this works so I’m hoping you see this but I have a question about your earth bender class you created so first off can it’s powers be used indoors on the first floor of buildings even if the flooring is wooden or do you have to use it only where there is earth floors and also I was wondering will the powers of the Earth Bender be taken away if in a magic nullification field? Also do we get all of the techniques of our subclass and they don’t take up slots or do we have to pick and choose what we want

To answer your questions in order:
1. Can an Earth Bender use their class features/abilities indoors with rooms that are not made of earth?
Answer: Yes, generally. An Earth Bender would be able to rip earth from beneath the floor, as long as the distance they are from the ground or some collection of rocks/earth/etc is less than or equal to the range specified in the technique. However, your DM may rule that the floor is actually very strong, making it difficult to bend earth up through it. You may need to make some sort of a check to see if your bending is strong enough, or maybe the DM will rule that the floor is just too strong.
2. Will an Earth Bender be unable to use their class features/abilities while within a magic nullification field?
Answer: This is more an issue about balance in my eyes. I would say that the Earth Bender would not be able to use their Basic or Advanced Techniques, but all of the other class features would still apply. The Techniques are basically "spells" for the Earth Bender, so it would make sense mechanically that the character would lose access to those features when being affected by anit-magic fields and other such features. You could even flavor it as some sort of "chi-blocking" field. The sticky point is when we get into the rest of the class' features. To take basically every feature away from this class because of a single magic nullification field seems a bit too extreme. I'm going to be DMing a campaign soon where one of the players will be playing my Water Bender class, so I may test this out to see what I think about it. At the moment, I'd say a magic nullification field would stop the Earth Bender from using Basic and Advanced Techniques, but not the rest of their class features.
3. Does an Earth Bender gain access to all of their subclass techniques, or do they have to pick which ones they want? Do they count against the number of techniques known?
Answer(s): No, the Earth Bender does not gain access to all of their subclass techniques. Each technique still counts against the number of techniques known as shown in the Basic/Advanced column of the class table (except for shape metal/earth to lava/earth to sand, since they are explicitly stated as not counting towards your techniques known), so the player will have to pick and choose which ones that they want to add to their arsenal. To put it simply, you basically just add your subclass' list of techniques to the normal Earth Bending techniques as options for your character's techniques. I didn't explicitly state this in the class page, so I'm glad you pointed this out to me! I'll fix that.
Hopefully that answered all of your questions. Feel free to ask for clarification anytime. WiserVisor (talk) 17:41, October 13 2020

Fire Bender[edit]

Hey WV! You messaged me a while ago because I'd made a fire Bender varient and the names were mixed up so yours said it was the varient and mine didn't. You asked if we could change it to keep things consistent and I said "sure!" But neither of us knew how haha. Well I think I've found out how! It looks like there's a "move" section on homebrew stuff where you can change the name of an item! So if you'd like we can work out a way to shift those around :)

HawtDawg (talk) 11:17, September 15 2021

I'm definitely down for that! Would we be doing something along the lines of person 1 moves their version of the class to some temporary name, then person 2 swaps to their proper name, and then person 1 takes their proper name?
WiserVisor (talk) 3:56, September 15 2021
The fire bender names seem to be alright and standard for how variants are done on the wiki here. Class name, then next one is Class Name, Variant, then Class Name, xth Variant. --Lavie (talk) 17:28, 15 September 2021 (MDT)
Yeah! My plan was to rename mine something like "firebender placeholder" temporarily, you could move into that original firebender space, then I'll rename to a variant version, so I'll do that first bit now and then keep my eyes open for your revision (hopefully it works that way) and then we're all consistent. And Lavie we're changing them since WV's class was made before mine, but is listed as the varient, so we're swapping them to make them line up, hopefully that addresses your concerns.

HawtDawg (talk) 21:23, 15 September 2021

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