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Hi everyone, I'm HawtDawg, I made a couple of Avatar homebrew class variants but my main project at the moment is Beachblush, a campaign setting that I'm making, I'm creating it in preparation for my first big DMing job (which won't be for a while because we're right in the middle of a campaign right now) and I got to thinking that if I'm making it, I may as well give other people access to it, so if you want to use it feel free! Take as much or as little as you want to from the article and fold it in, if anyone does end up using it I'd love to hear about it (I just ask that you don't change stuff on the article, there's a lot of effort that goes into it so if you see a worldbuilding error, have a question about it, or just have an idea that you think would be cool just send me a message on my Talk page and I'll try and get to it). I'm a university student so I don't have all the time in the world to update it but I get to it as often as I can so keep an eye out for all the updates! I'll be seeing you!

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